Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem services (LC-GD-7-1-2020)

This is the space for coordination around this call. We joined the consortium led by Cranfield Water Science Institute. This came out of the Linkedin campaign.

The project is entitled “BREATHE - Biodiversity Restoration and Economics of Aquatic and Transitional Human-Environmental systems”. All documents including the concept note are here. We are in the phase in which we still don’t work collaboratively with the consortium. @alberto drafted shortly what our contribution would be based on the topic and the table provided by the coordinator.

In short, we deploy techniques for large-scale sensemaking and collaboration across
stakeholders. Sensemaking activities are targeted at surfacing the seeds of change in the social and economic system that are compatible, or – better – require ecosystem restoration. We expect this to illuminate the issue of local adaptation and the benefits of large-scale system restoration.

More info coming soon, feedback always welcome.