Rethinking Retirement & Social Insurance

pension%203 After working on pension systems worldwide I believe there must be a better way, which might need to be created. I am developing a project targeted to the gig-economy in developing countries (at least to start). I want to engage in conversations, and brainstorm about innovative solution. I am looking for visionaries who are willing to ‘think out of the box’. We have applied the same principles for too long expecting different results.


That is truly a very relevant topic for many.

Working online for international employers, freelancing as well as the modern nomad lifestyle leads to a whole generations of people with precarious or none existent pension plans even among well educated and successful professionals.

How can pension systems become as international and mobile as modern employment systems and relocation trends in Europe?

@CHR maybe you could formulate a call or challenging question to share with those potential “out of the box thinking” collaborators to get a discussion starting?

Also, do you have an image you would like to come up with this post or would you allow me to add one?


Thanks Maria! You nailed it! That is point! gig-economy is growing, lifestyle is different, labor markets are now international! We have systems that started more than 200 years ago when labor mobility, freelancing etc did not exist. This is why current systems do not work!
Thanks for your feedback! I am glad someone out there can see it. I do not have an image for this port, if you have one, please add it.


We need to re-think the whole idea of retirement in finite terms. We should build from the bottom up across our life times universal basic assets in order to meet needs beyond what we can or cannot afford in monetary terms. We need to be weening ourselves off of money as young as possible to slowly but surely get rid of the idea of retirement & needing money for doing nothing in old age. Older people need to continue to feel vibrant & productive, but that doesn’t have to mean in terms of having a job & to have a secure income afterwards whilst they basically wait for their turn to die.


hello All - are you aware of “Euraxess” a (experimental) sheme developped for researchers in the EU; linke below. Regards, Martin"

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@martin thank you very much for sharing

@CRH, could you describe your project, the stage it is in and the next steps you would like to take, so we could find out together how to best keep supporting and growing it? I added a image I quickly adjusted for now, would this be ok for you?

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Hei @CRH adding to Maria’s reply I would also encourage you to post a story and get rewarded for it. We have an ongoing project looking specifically for stories of care, health, prosperity - Wellbeing in Europe. Here is some inspiration and also the call for stories, with rewards for best contributions.

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@martin Thank you I have heard about it. I would be very interested in learning about their experience, results/effectiveness and feedback from their clients.

@MariaEuler Yes!
We are getting ready to roll out a survey soon. Once analysis is finalized we will move to the design part of new financial tools. It will require partnership and/or funding.

@MariaEuler the only thing is that I would not limit it to EU. Evidence show that developing countries are in much bigger trouble and that is why we want to start there with our survey.

Makes a lot of sense to me. A good place to have a look might be post-revolutionary Sudan as they will have to build a new system with clearbreak from the past. New approaches to welfare are going to be relevant and the country has a strong culture and history of organised labour movements- especially professionals association is very strong right now. See #sudanuprising.

@CHR removed the Europe focuse

Curious what your reaction is to this piece of speculative writing we posted on this topic of the future retirement and social insurance in general: Welcome to Retirement!


@nadia I enjoyed the humor. People are not financially aware and prepare and the challenge is so big that many just not even try but I believe that 1) raising awareness 2) brainstorm about new fintech tools is necessary. We think that either we need to accept the status quo bc everything already exists and it is not true. We have the systems that were created for older generations.

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I happen to be working on this topic for the Biennale of Design in Ljubljana, and would be curious to see how we could maybe collaborate in that context @CRH ? I wrote about it here:

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