Review and approve the draft consortium agreement

Start here (the link will only work if you have been invited as an editor of the shared document). Try to do is within a few days, we are supposed to have signed it before January 1st.

@OlgaIvanovaUB, do you want to give us a deadline?

Edgeryders: done

I reviewed and added comments to the online doc. Most of them concern adapting the template to the OpenCare pledge of being, well, open.

@Patrick_Andrews, I think the consortium agreement is fine, just harmless boilerplate. But it is a sprawling document, and one that I am not fully qualified to assess (45 pages of legalese – perhaps 35 of actual content). I do not think it’s worth your time re-reviewing it, but if you’d rather look at it, I would, of course, be happier.

If it is already signed…

I am happy to accept your recommendation, @Alberto  :slight_smile:

Not signed

I just read it and left some comments and proposed improvements, @Patrick_Andrews smiley

Early Jan 2016 – priority to CA

@markomanka Would be great if the remarks sent by mail (Dec 18) could be included in the GDocs

As indicated by Olga, the CA can be signed in January even though the project will have been launched.

Deadline: we must all target January to sign it.

Our jurist (legal expert at UBx) will have a close look at all comments and suggestions made after the Holidays so we can amend the CA and circulate an updated version hopefully during the first week of January.