Starting the engines: consortium agreement and advance financing

OpenCare has officially started as of three weeks ago, and activities are coming online. There are still two important admin tasks to be taken care of:

  1. Finalising the Consortium Agreement. Today is the deadline for submitting your proposed changes to @OlgaIvanovaUB. We at Edgeryders are done; if you are not, make sure you finish by end of business today (here is the task with the instructions). 
  2. Cashing in the advance financing. This rests with the consortium leader: maybe @melancon and Olga herself can inform us on when the money will be in our accounts. We do need to start spending, and good financial planning is life-and-death, at least for a small org like Edgeryders. 

Consortium Agreement

Dear All,

Today, is the deadline for your final version for CA.

For the pre-fianancing: I will send you today the bank form that you should complete and send me asap by e-mail, then we will be able to proceed to the payment.

CA news

Dear All,

Thank you for your implication on Consortium Agreement. We will finalise the final version this week and send you the “clean” version for signatures.