Revise and OK the data management plan

I have completed a version of the data management plan. I decided to do it as a slide deck rather than as a text document.

To do:

  • All people to whom the task is assigned. Revise and OK. We go by silent consensus: if you don't say anything it means you are OK with it, and assume co-responsibility for it. Feel free, as always, to edit and improve. 
  • @melancon be advised that I have made a change on what we decided in Stockholm. I no longer think it is worth it to create APIs for the the Neo4j database during the project. This will simplify things greatly, because we do not need to make APIs that are JUST for sharing. At the same time, we still give people access to live primary and secondary data (via tightly locked APIs on Egderyders, which we need anyway) and to the tertiary (Neo4j) data after the project is over (via data dumps on If you don't like this, now would be a good time to say it! 
  • @Costantino & @markomanka & @Lakomaa : we need decisions on data other than online conversational data. Examples on page 18 quote data collected by all of you in the course of your activities. This version of the document assumes you have not yet decided what to do. If your decisions are in fact made, please add them to the document. If you are unsure how, contact me. 

Please note: the deadline is tight. If no one reacts, we assume the present version is OK and @LuceChiodelliUB can submit.

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To make sure all the boxes are ticked

Hello, and thank you all for your contribution !

To make sure all boxes are ticked, you can refer to this document, pages 5 & 6:

Good idea

Good point @LuceChiodelliUB . I will do a little language standardization and resubmit.

Resubmission done

If no one says anything, @LuceChiodelliUB , you are welcome to go ahead and submit. I am now sure that al the boxes have been ticked.


Keynote is not ideal to share/amend/comment. (Wouldn’t GDrive prez be better?)

See comments inserted in the Keynote prez. (More are coming)

I’ll only do it once

So let me know when you are done commenting.

@Costantino acknowledge. We move on for now.

I’m done

Everything is in the title


Yes @Alberto

if you say it’s possible we’ll add content to this while the activities are set up.

We’ve a milestone in month 8  (prototype environment functional) so for that time we add content to this doc if needed.

ok for us


Done. Guy, I accepted all your suggestions except one and added a slide listing the types of data. This should be accepable now, and we will improve it in later versions. We are ready for submission, @LuceChiodelliUB  .


Hello, the data management plan has been sent for review. Thank you for your contribution !