Working out loud: a quick check-in on Edgeryders activities

Despite the summer, we are pushing on.

Inflow of content. It’s going quite well, though summer is slowing things a bit, as every year. As I write, we have:

  • 128 unique contributors
  • 218 Drupal nodes, of which 102 are challenge responses

Partnership with UDK. UDK students finished the Hacking Utopia project with an exhibition of their prototypes, which had its grandopening on the 20th of July. They all made videos, brochures and some have physical artifacts. They reported being encouraged and inspired by interaction with the opencare community through the platform. @Nadia will report on this, but it went well. 

Engagement. After Stockholm, we have rebuilt our engagement strategy based on an idea by Nadia: framing our onboarding worshops advantage of an initiative called 100&Change, offering 100 million dollars to whoever can show to have potential to crack a big problem. The narrative is: we are preparing a collaborative application to 100&Change, attacking the problem of inclusive, cheap, high quality care. To participate, people tell us about what they are doing around care (their stories get onto the platform). Three onboarding workshops are being organized for September as part of this process. We think this is more enticing than “come participate in our research project”. The response so far has been good. Partners are of course encouraged to participate themselves, and to tell others about it. How to participate, blog post.

Onboardoing workshops calendar:

  • Brussels, September 10-11
  • Berlin, September 17-18
  • Thessaloniki, September 24-25

New deliverables. We produced and delivered the first version of the data management plan. Thanks @melancon for useful comments. I cannot recommend enough that you read it and familiarize yourself with the kind of data that should come out of your various events and forms of engagement. Also, the consent funnel module has been implemented: when you fill a challenge response you are now taken (only the first time) through it. The consent funnel is actually a Drupal module that could be implemented on other Drupal websites, and you find it at our GitHub repository.

Ethnographic coding. We brought on board @Amelia – most of you have met her in Stockholm. She used July to carefully test-drive Open Ethnographer, the software that is meant to feed semantic information to the SSNA dashboard in opencare (see this thread). But now we got stuck, because she needs tech support, and it is hard to provide that during the summer holidays. Amelia, Guy and I decided to freeze this task during August. With September, a new hire from Bordeaux will provide tech support and we will resume work.

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