RezNet strategy meeting + broader community gathering?

After our last team biweekly and before we dive into the holiday mood, I would like us to set the date for the meeting on the future of RezNet as we discussed.

The aim of the meeting is to sit down together to define:

  • what we want to pursue when it comes to EU grants (and the upcoming Horizon Europe programme)
  • in what way? updating our “standard” offer, decide should we even have the standard offer(s), making sure we make the process easier for everyone but also more in line to what we actually want to work on and how.
  • how do we work better as a team to ensure everyone is satisfied with their own role?
  • in which other directions should we look at outside of the EU grants?
    etc. etc.

A thing to agree on: should this be somehow linked with the gathering I was proposing earlier? In that case we could think of a whole day event, morning session would be for a broader team, collaborators working across different projects (not only for RezNet) with the aim just to get together and have a broader conversation on Edgeryders. This would need more structuring of course.

Then, in the afternoon we would have a closed session on RezNet strategy with the smaller team.

Whatever we decide, let’s book a date (whole day) for it in January, we can define the details after holidays.

Here’s the doodle: Expired Group Poll - Create a New Poll or Contact the Owner

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I’m unclear on the hours of the day though. The time says to me 12 AM and 8 AM. Not sure which one it means for me but usually for me 8 AM is a standard meet time. And I do appreciate how often meetings are scheduled so I can attend without staying up all night.

Update: I’ll be away the last week of January, not the week of the 18th so am generally available for those dates on the doodle.

Right, sorry, time difference of course. The whole day options in the doodle are in the case we will actually be doing the morning + afternoon session. In any case, we could make the afternoon one a bit later, so you could attend the strategic meeting. This won’t be a recurring thing, one-time only meet-up.

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The selected date is 14th of January, invitations sent through the calendar. Let’s discuss more on the format after the holidays. In the meantime if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please share.