RezNet team monthly meeting 5/10 Agenda

Starting to put down some points to discuss in the meeting next week:


    • final amendment approved
    • conference impressions and next steps
    • budget
    • upcoming deliverables in October:
      D2.6: Ontology, second version
      D2.7: An ethnography of European populism
      D2.8: Interactive dashboard, second version


Please edit directly if you have anything else to discuss.
@alberto @ivan @matthias @hugi @martin @Nica @nadia

Hello, I am on the road and technically still on holiday. I won’t participate today, back at work (from Messina) starting tomorrow.


This, IMHO, is not a matter for the biweekly, but for a @directors meeting enlarged to other key colleagues such as Marina and Ivan.

What to report on my side:

I have nothing to report on TREASURE.

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It was added because usually those are the people who participate in the biweekly, but I agree it should be a separate conversation. So when do you see this happening? It would be good to reply to Philippe.


First of all, remember my question about the 4880 figure? Can you explain it? If not, could you reply by saying “thanks for the heads up, but what is that figure?” and if you do, just “thanks for the heads up”.

Next week, when Nadia, Hugi, Ivan and myself are physically together in Messina. We’ll involve Matthias, you, and Marco.

I’m on the conference in Portugal whole week so not sure when I’ll have a moment, but let me know the planned time.

So this would be @Nica. The first version was made by Amelia and it’s available here.. The final version should follow the same logic.

Nica & Alberto.

This was @matthias for the first version (see here).
If I remember well, this work was transferred to @hugi (Matt correct me if I’m wrong). If yes, Hugi note this is due by the end of the month.

Hi all, I will be at the meeting but I have to teach a class at 11.40 am my time, so will have to leave after 40 minutes (this is the case every Wednesday this semester, just FYI – until end of December).

I have been on people to schedule work with me and Hugi on the corpus subsections by country, but it seemed like everything was focused on the impact event. I am going to just propose some times for this week and hope everyone can make it.

I also cannot see the Amelia link above – can someone invite me to it please at ?


Update: never mind, I worked out how to see the Ontology document. But it was my impression that Jan and team had produced a new version of it?

@Nica @alberto @hugi UCL is asking for updates on Deliverables. Do you all think you can make it on time for submission (end of next week)?