Routines for social media outreach: Especially relevant to community managers

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I will get it done tomorrow

Polish done for next week. I hope to get 4 stories for the next week now!

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would be helpful to get an idea of what is in there, i guess at next week’s call you can tell us a bit about who and what is in there?

Yes, sure - these are the recaps of stories posted by participants I already found,not sure if you have read them? They’re about very different social challenges in Poland, from miscarriage to health care for self employed families to evictions of indebted poor

havent read them - but will

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Social Media performance reports: Aril 29-14 (social media campaign running) vs April 14-28 (no structured social media campaign). Observation: Post which perform best in terms of driving traffic to platform are not the ones which get most/many retweets or likes.

April 14-28
facebook_overview_2019-04-14_to_2019-04-28_created_on_20190514T0712Z.pdf (245.4 KB)
twitter_overview_2019-04-14_to_2019-04-28_created_on_20190514T0712Z.pdf (239.8 KB)

April 29- May 14
facebook_overview_2019-04-29_to_2019-05-14_created_on_20190514T0710Z.pdf (257.6 KB)
twitter_overview_2019-04-29_to_2019-05-14_created_on_20190514T0709Z.pdf (233.2 KB)


Best performing status updates:





21 55 31 09 34

  1. Please share the status updates you like from the Edgeryders Facebook page and twitter account via your own profiles.

  2. Please add your 3 best-of-edgeryders entries to this spreadsheet following the indicated format:

  3. Please add 1 top-of-mind news from your country relevant to the project you are working on with the hashtag that people are using to discuss it on social media. These should be around which there is a lot of controversy or discussion right now: E.g for poland we have the Catholic church scandal so you would enter something that connects it to the project you are working on e.g: Do you need the organised Church to cultivate your spirituality? Add them to the same spreadsheet please:

Ping: @natalia_skoczylas @Jirka_Kocian @noemi @hugi @MariaEuler @marina @Jan @alberto @matthias - @mattiasx (can I ask you to post on the platform a workshop summary ( of what was shared/learned in the workshop with your own reflections connecting this with some questions/concepts you feel are worth explore for internet of humans)? This would be very helpful to move the discussion forward…

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Have we agreed to tag posts using the wellbeing indicators only or can we just add tags we think are useful? Just a heads up that it’s been the latter for me. I am adding tags which i think are relevant or interesting.

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I need the weelbeing indicators in there so they show up in right places. Incl ahead of evaluation at EC

If this is too much maybe we can discuss with @anu for continuing with tagging?

It is too much work. It;s one thing to get ourselves in the habit of doing it instinctively, and another to be rigorous about the wellbeing classificators and make everyone does it for their language. I think this consistency can come over time, but dont expect too much now. I also dont think Anu can solve the language issues, so …

I propose tag-as-you-go, loosely.
Meanwhile, would make sure the spreadsheet isfilled with translations and maybe every 6 months do a sprint and go through what is missing/ not appropriate with each language comm manager.

how to indicate the newsstories in that spread sheet?


Just add the headline and url in the spreadsheet. In the end everything on that spreadsheet is a status update so content from the platform and content from other sources go out in the same stream

@noemi apparently I do not have access to the very spreadsheet you just refered to

@MariaEuler I added the news stories in the spreadsheet Nadia linked to in her instructions.

The one I linked with tags is one which community managers in POPREBEL are helping translate all the Wellbeing in Europe indicators. Nadia should have given you access if you needed it.

Can we haz some friendly fire for this week’s nuwz from ze crus pleeze <3

  1. add your own news in a comment

  2. Help spread it by retweeting/sharing it via your channels: Https://

@alex_levene @matteougozzoni @alberto @noemi @inge @hugi @bob

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I followed the weekly routine - think it’s better for community managers, and filled out the spreadsheet.

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