RSVP to an online chat about OpenCare PopUp Village event in 2017

An informal, light, full-of-ideas call to catch up and plan for next year.

Ideas for the community event are being collected here. The possible event locations mentioned so far are Thessaloniki (GR), Lille (FR), Birmingham (UK) Milano (IT), Yerevan (AR).

LATEST: Fill in the doodle if you would like to join:

HOW TO JOIN THE CALL: go to our doodle here, pick a time which you prefer in the upcoming Saturdays and Sunday and wait for an email confirmation as we set up the chats. Also, make sure to add @edgeryders on skype!

See you soon,

Date: 2016-12-10 17:00:00 - 2016-12-18 19:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

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Pinging for attendance

@Natalia_Skoczylas @Nadia @Aravella_Salonikidou @Alex_Levene @Rossana_Torri - since you all showed interest.

Let’s do this before the year ends, ok ?

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OpenCare community event in 2017

Hi Noemi

is not very clear to me if we are talking about the Opencare final conference, or LOTE, or other events.

For sure we’ll make our “offer” to host the final conf in Milan around Sept/Oct 2017.

We’ll discuss next week with @Franca and @Lucia too, and we’ll make some proposals.

Sorry, but I’m not available on Saturday or Sunday for a chat…


I’m not too clear myself

Do you need me, No? Or is Nadia going to be there?

OpenCare PopUp Village

Rosanna, Alberto, this is the only conversation that I know of, where both LOTE and OpenCare are mentioned. I changed the title of this call to be clearer.

Alberto it’s fine, hopefully Nadia can make it. We’ll sum it up online.

Yup I can make it. See you at 4pm no?

Im online :slight_smile: and Yes Ill be there.

Next week I’ll inform mayor’s office about LOTE. The presentation is fine! Sorry for the delay generally… These days I’m extremely busy :slight_smile:

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4 pm today? i could do it

Ok add me whenever you are having the call. My skype is @annamorocco1

Excellent! See you today at 4 pm cet on skype

Have sent you all a calendar invite! Looking forward.