Scifi Economics Lab Site updates

Hi @owen

We need to update the site adding some elements that we added to the worldbuilding/witness site. Rather than risk breaking things on the current one, it would be better to have a staging site for the Scifi Economics Lab with the following webkit elements added to it:

  • Menu with links to 3 Pages
  • Header block with two buttons in it (like we had for the remote site)
  • Projects/topics cards
  • Partners
  • Funders
  • All the other elements currently on the site (Blog, Forum, Posts, Books etc)
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No problem - I’ll be doing this in the context of the improved template system I’m working on at the moment, so you can expect it by next week.

I’ll post a general development status update on the webkit this weekend.

Ok and if I would like to update the current ScifiEconlab website with the elements?

it’s always this exhausting tension between needing to get things done “right now” and waiting for the bigger developments :frowning:

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Ok - you can make updates on the site here - SF-ECON Lab webkit XML

I can add the following sections (plus header buttons): partners, funders, projects - so you can fill in the content.

The menu will have to wait as that is a feature implementation.


@nadia I put the sections in so you have all of the above (minus the two pages in the menu). So you can fill in the content now. it’s the same principle as the remote site for configuring the cards, point it to a data topic (at the moment it points to the books)…

I recommend we hold off from more updates for the time being, unless there is something very urgent that can’t wait for a week.

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