Scouting the streets of Brussels: let's do this!

Hello @reeflings,

With a thousand thanks to the people in Team Building, we now have everything in place to kick off the scouting exercise for real.

This is a very important task, and we need everybody to contribute as much as they can. So with the exception of those who have tasks and responsibilities related to keeping our group running, please prioritise the scouting over everything else. Many hands make light work!

As a guideline I would suggest that we aim for scouting two hours every one or two weeks. If everybody who is able to do it contributes something like that, we’ll spend 20-40 hours of scouting every week. This is what will help us to win this game!

What we know from experience so far is that this is actually quite fun, and also a good opportunity to get to know somebody, so this should be a double win. The days are long these days, so for most of us it should be possible to squeeze in a small excursion after working hours.

Here’s a short summary of the steps you need to undertake:

1. Find a buddy and a zone

Contact Sébastien to ask which zones still need to be scouted. You can of course express your preference (e.g. “easy to reach from XYZ” or “in this or that commune”), but please be aware that it may not always be possible to get it.

2. Get prepared to scout

  1. If it’s your first time: go through Sebastien’s presentation to make sure you are well aware what we are looking for

  2. Please also have a look at the scouting fiche template – maybe even take a paper copy – so that you know what information you will have to report.

3. Do the actual scouting

  1. Go to the zone you have been assigned and scout all streets in a systematic manner.

  2. Highlight the streets that you have scouted with a marker on a printed copy of the map. Please scout all the streets in the square of the map that you have been assigned to, and send a copy to SĂ©bastien.

4. Report your scouting / fill in the fiches

  1. When you come home, save a copy or picture of the printed copy of the map with the streets that you scouted in a folder named “Scouted zones” and ping Sébastien.

  2. Fill in a scouting fiche for every site that possibly meets The Reef’s criteria and save it in the folder named “1. New fiches”.


@reef-building * I will go scouting with @manuelpueyo on 12 July. Could you please let us know where we should go? Thanks a lot!

Hi Mieke,
Please Contact Sébastien to ask which zones still need to be scouted. You can of course express your preference (e.g. “easy to reach from XYZ” or “in this or that commune”).

Hi @Lee,
I’ve updated the presentation 0.Scouting exercise, get organised and keep it simple.
Can you check that the link still works?
Thanks, seb

@Sebas If possible we would like to scout 10a zone (around Laeken). If that is not possible, no problem off course and we’ll scout another zone.

@Sebas: I corrected the link in the post.

@ all: may I suggest that we move the little chitchat about when we go scouting which zones to Signal or PMs on Edgeryders, so as to declutter this thread as much as possible?

Also, just for the sake of transparency: sadly I have a couple of physical limitations that prevent me from walking a lot of distance, so I won’t be able to participate to the scouting exercise for the moment.

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@mieke I did scout 10a with Manuel allready

@Lee The link to the availabilities sends me to the presentation. Can you correct this?

@Lee Sorry but Sebastien’s presentation link is not working. Thanks

Just fixed both.


@Sebas @Lee Sorry none of the links work for me, do I need a specific browser or credentials? Victor and I can offer to scout the Schaaerbeek area in July and Foret area in August.

@Janet if you are logged into Nextcloud the links should work. If it still doesn’t, best to contact Team IT, here: Team IT questions and updates - #55 by Sophie_B

hey! this is manuel from team IT let me know if you have an issue with opening the links. you need to be logged in to your nextcloud account. hope it works

Hello @reeflings,

Just a quick reminder that for the moment this is really our one and only priority task. A :heart: to acknowledge that you read the post is always appreciated, as it creates a feeling of support and connection.

Please regularly fill in the sheet with your availabilities, and proactively contact the Reeflings with the same availabilities, to see whether you can go scouting together. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sébastien or Julien.

Thanks all for your help!


Hey @reeflings, it’s the summer (holiday) period, the weather is (generally) nice and the evenings are still long, so why not make use of this time to scout the streets of Brussels and find a lovely site for the Reef :slight_smile:
Please regularly fill in the file with your availabilities and find a buddy for scouting, with the added benefit of meeting other Reeflings and discovering different parts of Brussels. With the new (smaller) zones it will only take 2 hours or so, so there is plenty of time for a coffee before or after the hunt :wink: If you have a prefered zone, SĂ©bastien will be happy to attribute a corresponding square.
Thanks a lot everyone!


Thanks @Sophie_Beese ! So I just uploaded the Fiches of 2 places and here’s the highlighted complete map here Nextcloud. We are ready to scout another zone :slight_smile: I updated also our availability for next Friday. cc @Sebas Let us know if that is ok or if additional info. is needed.


Hi all @reeflings, don’t forget to fill in you availabitilies to scout and ask Sebastien which zone you can do :wink:

Link to file:



Same message as above, don’t forget to scout ! :slight_smile:



Availabilities document update with days for september and october :wink: