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Hi! My personal preference is jitsi and saving those euros :grinning:. The logic with jitsi is different than zoom: there are plenty of jitsi servers that you can use for free if the server in question is being used by a lot of people at the same time you need to move to another server, (handy hack:),

I don’t think it depends on the quality of the internet connection at the client level. because here in belgium we have pretty good internet

If you want I can create a list of servers to move to if they are slow… it would be the facilitator role to switch to another server on the go

Anyway if this seems too complicated, for coordination i don’t mind purchasing a zoom subscription,

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Hi @reef-it, under our add for the presentation on Habitat et Participation someone posted “Liens vers infecté selon mon antivirus.” What do I reply to reassure them? Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s probably just the redirect. Tell them to try the non-redirected links, for example key documents: Cohousing The Reef's key documents. Or just the Blueprint: Nextcloud.

Thanks! They’re referring to our website (Edgeryders | Start) that’s mentioned in the description, not sure they need to have access to the key documents yet. Should I just repost this link?

Then try this: instead of

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Hello @reef-it,

It seems like funny things are happening on Nextcloud. There was a folder that changed places (no trace in the activity log), my NVC Powerpoint got corrupted, and Chris reports that he kept being thrown out of a document that he was working on.

Not sure there is much you can do right now, but I wanted to flag it anyway.


thanks. listening :ear:. I hope no work got lost

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Hello @reef-it,

Having lost all my bookmarks after my laptop died, I realised it’s not so straightforward to figure out how to find the entry point to Nextcloud :blush:.

Could you help me to clarify the exact “tabdigital 301 whatever” URL, so that I can add it to the Onboarding Manual and the Nextcloud manual?


i think it would be a good idea to ask if a custom URL is possible , something like

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Thanks a lot @manuelpueyo. Would you know whether there are any known compatibility problems between the Nextcloud desktop app and Windows 11?

Since I have a new computer it takes way too long to open a document. Half of the times it even generates an error message and I can’t open the document. And when I open a document, and somebody else opens it online, the syncing goes haywire.

Would you possibly know more?

@alberto, it’s nothing major, but there is time stamp on the banner on our website that seems to be a bit out of place. Can you maybe have a quick look?

We already – and from the start – have, that redirects to our Nextcloud instance. This is documented here: Understanding The Reef's digital assets.

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hey! that’s strage, i dont know about any compatibility problems but i dont think this is the cause. could you share the error message? another thing you could do is to uninstall the app and install it again.

It seems related to updates. So when you download it, you are not downloading the latest updates. I had to go through at least three rounds, but now everything works again.

Hello @reef-it,

In Team Building we have a need for an online meeting tool that 1) works well for people with less stable wifi connections, and 2) allows for good quality screen sharing.

We have tried Jitsi (in all its forms) umpty times, and it has cost us a lot of time (people dropping out, can’t see them, …). Team Inclusion had the same problem at the time.

We recently tried Google Meets, which seems to work a bit better, but then 1) there seems to be a maximum of 1 hour (?), and more importantly 2) the screen sharing is so small that you can barely see what is being shown.

Finally, for the sociocracy training courses, we would also need an online meeting tool that has the possibility to create break-out rooms.

Can we please consider getting a Zoom subscription? It’s sad that it’s an evil technology, but it really trumps all the misery that we have had with Jitsi and the like.

Hello Lie, sorry to hear you pain, it’s not nice.

Which instances of jisti did you use? just for the sake of knowing. honestly I have never used the ones referenced here with many people. ugne told me the other day that the komuniki one worked well with 5 people.

the difference with Jitsi is that it’s not a company offering a service. it’s an open source software. so depending on the instance of Jitsi you use, you will have more or less computer power (CPU) on the server that is hosting you. it also depends on the amount of people using it at that exact time of your call.

Hi Manuel,

We tried the Komuniki one several times. Frankly I don’t think I have had any Reef meeting on Jitsi that was not without problems. People with unstable connections drop out or can’t turn on their video. The screen sharing is also not fantastic.

I know it sucks, but I’d be really grateful if we could explore a Zoom subscription until a better alternative is found.

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Hi @reef-it, could you please create a Nextcloud account for our new Explorer Reefling @Lieven ? Thanks !

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