Searching for assistance in working on South Caucasus Art Magazine Caucasusartmag

Hello to everyone  unfortunately we (Ahuahu Foundation for Cultural development) had no opportunity yet to joing your
meetings  hope next time we'll manage to meet you, share our experience with you and get yours as well 
 today i'd like to introduce you our ongoing project Caucasus Art Magazine, which has issued just the first issue yet ...

We intended to unite South Caucasus Countries in one cultural platform with their art professionals, cultural agenda and ongoing cultural processes. This magazine is made by two persons’ enthusiasm. first it was only English now we’ve added Georgian version as well. with a bit different content. on the domain ; So, We are eager to find friends who would join our initiative, help us in building this cultural platform properly in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and assist in popularization of South Caucasus contemporary culture in the world and in each Caucasian country as well… Though we are neighbors the knots among our countries are too weak. The Poliitical situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan plays it’s concrete role in the situation… But culture really has the strength to play useful role in peace building and bringing our people more close to each other… It’s also important that Caucasus Art Magazine is Georgian -Neutral country in this situation - initiative. Thank you for time and interest of reading this post  Waiting forward to any feedback question or interest from you 

The firs issue of CAM was dedicated to informal Art education in the world and in South Caucasian countries as well …

First Issue presentation Photos <3 With contemporary art exhibition, outdoor  performance, charity project ONE CAN CHANGE and experimental music evening till morning <3

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Is there a statement you are making?

Hi people from Ahuahu Foundation :slight_smile: and welcome to Edgeryders, indeed I’ve seen your name popping up here and there but didn’t have the pleasure. I was in Tbilisi last month and met @Inge and most Georgians here on the platform, but missed you somehow… Anyway, we have time to catch up before our June community event when we’re coming back. Are you based in Tbilisi?

Curious if there’s an underlying statement behind your magazine initiative (political or not), a story that you tell those in other countries that would make them want to be a part of the platform. 

Here’s another example I appreciate dearly, of an artistic project uncovering facets of identity we all have. It may serve source of inspiration from the community, even though it’s been 2 years since @Decida shared her initiative here. Enjoy! 

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Art projects in Geo

Anuka, I think it is very important to support art projects in the Caucasus, I love your work. It could def work as a bridge between two countries ‘at war’ or in general to keep contemporary art going and visible. I know that in georgia many artists struggle to get their art out, to have it seen. There’s a post on Cafe Babel about it too. 

But I should also add that it is kind off a world-wide problem (not saying it’s not important!). People who volunteer to make this happen: thumbs up! 

Didn’t you guys do an art exhibition for streetchildren? Or am i mistaking you guys with someone else? There is also the charity exhibition, do you guys cooperate?

Also, @Elene Margvelashvili from iare pekhit has right now an open call for artists, maybe you could help spread the word?