Second application sent!

Dear Edgeryders

the cultural team, this time with Pracownia Miejska (@Justyna_Krol and Monika Koszewska), prepared a presentation for the first round of applications for Virgin Mobile academy. The prize is 100.000 zł, which is roughly 25.000 euros - a fine number for a project in Poland, we can really do something probably long enough to prototype a  lasting communal entity-thingy. Pracownia with a brand new NGO is already considering creating an impact hub in Konin, which I think would help overcome some of the drawbacks of the original unmonastery - there would be space and people who really care about these things to happen and be successful and long-lasting.

You can see the Application here 

The results of the first round of Virgin Academy are on the 15th of April, and after that date (around it) we could skype and discuss it. @Noemi, @Nadia,@Alberto  , I’d be happy to have you at least for a starting talk, because if we really want to push for an unmonastery Konin, it would be great to hear your opinions, tips, etc.