Seriously, why would you want to dissipate all that energy on clickfests?



unMonastery, the Edgeryders community’s first flagship initiative has been shortlisted in this competition to win 100,000 Euros.

The competition is designed in such a way so as to limit participation to just voting, which we think is a waste. I don’t know why organisations are still incentivising people to dissipate social capital and goodwill on click competitions. So we are going to do this differently.

 We are going to use the competiting as incentive to support a shared learning journey while contributing to the greater good and driving the project ahead… regardless of whether we win the money or not. Below below is the short version of Ilaria’s original postCome help!


unMonastery sessions: help!

Two quick thoughts on the social media campaign

  • I clicked the che-fare link to read the unmons project ‘copy’ on the project and to check out the site etc. It was all in Italian and I closed the tab reflexively.

Had to reopen and deliberately go to Google translate! This might be a big hurdle… Might also be an idea to provide translations as part of the promotion for the clicks on this project.

  • Secondly the privacy notice on the page to vote - what protections does ‘Informativa ex art. 13 D.lgs. 196/2003’ give me? google translate only informas me I am agreeing that I have ‘Having read the information, I certify that you understand them and agree to the processing of my personal data for the purposes and in the manner indicated therein.’

This is a second issue that might need a creative solution if we are looking for securing international votes across the EU?

Or maybe its just my anglocentric bias speaking?


Instructibles in English

Nope, it’s not just you, actually that’s the normal reaction, which is why we’re taking note, right [Ilaria]?

Another extra thing people need to do, at least I had to do it, is to follow the link in an email confirmation and finalize the vote!

Email title: Conferma voto

"Ti ringraziamo per aver votato su cheFare.

IMPORTANTE! Per confermare il voto devi necessariamente clickare il link seguente: …"


Does this work?

Made Instructables on a pdf file you can find and download it here.

Tell me if you think it works.  Any improvement you feel it’s needed please say.


thanks for taking the time!

wow, what an effort Rita, putting all that info together must’ve been a hassle, thanks for doing that!

Unfortunately I don’t think it solves the problem that for some this process in itself may be overly complicated…



Oh, didn´t understood it right…

(Thought it might be usefull an english version of the process as it is.)

Ok, Let’s keep working ;- )


That’s Italians for you

I am afraid we have a tendency to just ignore everyone other than us.

Maybe we could do a funnel page in English with instructables and a link to the relevant page on the Chefare website that would directly visualize it through Google Translate? But I agree, it is an issue.



When we applied for the Che Fare bid, I was myself quite skeptical of the whole process: this voting issue is driving people nuts for different reasons - from social media harassement, to email bombing, ecc. But this is it: either we go for it, or we don’t. I can make instructables, no problem. However, I think the issue here is deeper: it’s about getting thousands of votes (Farm Regeneration has over 4000), and doing so in a creative way by building content thanks to two communities which speak different languages. It’s a challenge, but on the other hand the first unMonastery is being launched in Matera, and this is an Italian competition: I see this as an opportunity to re-word the unMonastery who has been quite a complex project to explain and justifiy to local community.

Thanks to the different reactions which came out in the past week, I think there is a list of core issues which can be tackled by generating content and giving visibility to the people which are now going to be in Matera: the unMonastery is finally going to hit the reality proof, and we have the first unMonasterians which will committ for different months to a project. Personally, I think this is the most important thing, and on this we can build something interesting.

The instructables in English are a condition sine qua non for launching the social media campaign: as with the Twitterstorms, this is the only way to go through this without any suprises.


Very cool.

“Why would you want to dissipate all that energy on clickfests?” Was exactly the question that came to my mind when I read some of the posts about ‘media campaigns’. (But I didn’t want to voice it and dispirit anyone). I’m so happy to see you’re addressing the issue! :slight_smile: