Session Proposal: Panel Discussion: Building Structures of Mental Wellness in Communities

Description: A panel on different models for how to build mental health care into the structures of communities, such as universities, cohousing projects, and neighborhoods. I see this session operating in two possible ways.

The first way is for several people who have worked on creating support systems to introduce their communities, as well as what frameworks they have used. When discussing their frameworks, they should talk about advantages/disadvantages, the process involved in implementing these plans and how they have adapted them to their communities. Followed by an audience Q&A.

If other possible participants haven’t used any framework or plan and instead worked addressing their community needs as they noticed the need (which is not uncommon in many communities), the other option would be for all of us to introduce our communities. And then I would discuss the JED Foundation’s Framework for Success and how we adapted it to Minerva (my university). From there we could discuss how this framework could be used and tailored to each community represented on the panel. Followed by an audience Q&A.

Takeaways: One or more frameworks for developing the mental health care of your community. And advice on strengths and pitfalls of each from people who have used them.

Needs: Additional Panel Participants willing to share their experiences. A better understanding of the scope of the Creating Situations for Healthy Experiences session to make sure they are strong complements and don’t overlap.

My Background: I’ve worked in my university’s Mental Health Team as an intern for almost two years. In that time I got to help in developing our support system plans in three countries.

Who Might be Interested in this Session: Those working and living in communities of care, other universities, and people in the mental health field. (i.e., @thom_stewart, @asimong, @woodbinehealth, @concrn, @pauline)

Theme: Architectures of Love or Revolutionary Care, I’m not sure which this fits under better and would defer to the curators.


@shajara Thanks for the post. These ideas sound right in line with what we’re trying to foster at the festival. I think our program is full for complete sessions, but I’d love to chat more about your ideas around creating mental health care models, something we @woodbinehealth are very involved in. We have tried a few models, such as informal healing spaces, but we are looking to implement more formal “empathy circles” within Woodbine (Family Camp: Documentary on Living Nonviolent Communication - 2016 on Vimeo). I hope you are planning on coming to the festival, I think your voice and experiences would be so beneficial. Maybe we can talk over Skype about more details, please email me at! Be well and thanks for sharing.

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Guys, is this session happening? Just flagging it in case the ball dropped.
@Shajara we are closing the program this week so please keep us updated. And see you at the tweetstorm I hope!

Hey @noemi, I don’t believe this session is happening because it never gained traction. Thank you though for reaching out.

@shajara Thanks for this proposal! We weren’t able to include it on the formal presentation, but as you can see from the Final Program, there will still be time/space for these presentations. So we hope that you can still come and share your thoughts with the community! Looking forward to meeting!