Set up the event minisite

For this project we need a  minisite. The way we work is to reuse and modify what we already have so it improves the quality for the whole platform, not just this minisite. The only thing we customise is the CSS where needed (and even that I would prefer if we did for the whole platform). Graphics you can download from here:

This means:

  • Use already existing blocks. Improving them for the whole site where needed
  • Clone pages that work and change their contents
  • Use CSS to improve overall default site appearance so it works for this and future minisites.

We need for this minisite (similar to lote4 one) its own header, group menu and the following pages:

  1. Welcome (home)

  2. About

  3. Agenda

  4. Participants

  5. Travel Info

  6. Contacts

  7. Blog

Minisite skeleton up

The Knowlab minisite pages are created, I will be uploading more content in the following days, trying to get hold of correct and approved info by the clients. @Inge and @Matthias keep an eye on this and help build it?

Example: in the Resources page I need to add views corresponding to the Knowlab group ( and option for people to create posts/wikis/ documents like inside that group, but reducing the info load to a minimum. Matthias can you help? For some reason the “Commons Group Browsing widget” retrieves no info.

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Participants page is unpublished for privacy reasons.

Here’s where you can help edit.

I will help you out with this tomorrow. Going to adjust image file sizes / page load time of the Participants page, and the view that you requested above (saw that you made an initial version already). If you have specific other requests, let me know :slight_smile:

specific request

… the menu needs to be tied to the header, just like the Lote4 menu.

Ok, I minded the gap

between the header and the menu … and removed it, as per your request. Now going to add the view of group content and fix the participants’ image sizes …

Group content view added

Just added the view for the group content on the Resources page. It currently displays all content from the group in one list.

I would propose changing it so that it only displays posts (and only having a link for creating a post), since posts is what participants are supposed to use for the discussion here. Makes sense?


Thank you!

Yes, leaving only posts means they will see session documentations which will be uploaded during/after the event… clearer and more helpful.

Great job on hiding the main menu, didn’t expect that will be easy to do :slight_smile:


I agree with nadia. Also, you are a hero! thanks!

Ok, now showing only posts

Have adapted the Knowlab Resources page to only show posts, but all of them by default (not just followed ones). Also I removed all the content creation links. There is now only the “Create a Post” link left in the introductory text – you probably want it more prominent somewhere, or somewhere in addition, so change that to your linking :slight_smile:

Task done

Minisite tweaked and is now up.