Shape the agenda so it works for you! Come curate one of the #futurespotters event tracks!

So we have had several workshops. And they have generated lots of discussions, some of which are starting to get REALLY interesting.

Now if we want to go from loose discussions to collaboration, we need to shape an event program that builds on the challenges raised during the workshops and helps us transition from talking to…well, action :slight_smile: This is quite a challenge, but nothing compared to the kinds of things members of this community manage to pull off when we put our mind to it!

SO how can we do this and how can you help?

  1. Pick one or more of the posts containing documentation from the workshops we just had.
  2. Leave a comment on it with your thoughts and questions. Perhaps you know of some examples of relevant work being doing where you are? Perhaps the issues or observations remind you of something happening where you are? Post
  3. When you have had a look at a few posts, suggest a theme, topic or burning question that ties them together in a comment below.

Together we will develop them into a number of Tracks, overaching theme under which several discussions take place in parallel.

A track consists of a burning question, background information describing the context and why this question is relevant to everyone right now as well as reflections around how different stakeholders stand to benefit from progress made in answering the question.  We ask you to participate in defining a track that you believe will bring people to the table who would benefit directly by being in touch with our networks and ensure the advancement of the subject matter itself. See this example of a track proposal.

When you get an idea for a track you would like to facilitate, just post it as a comment below and we will work on it together from there!

It doesn’t need to be perfect, just a start. So don’t hesitate, do it now!

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Public space initiatives working together

I think there’s the beginning of a track in the discussion about Iare Pekhit (pedestrian rights) and one of @Elene Margvelashvili’s comments in particular:

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