[Call for participation][Build June Event!] #futurespotters: an event by change makers for change makers!

An event to connect the protagonists!

Over the past month we have gathered at futurespotters workshops in Armenia, Egypt and Georgia. Each event has had a heavy focus on driving initiatives forward, generating new knowledge and building around the challenges individuals or organisations are facing, it was this kind of event in 2013 that birthed the unMonastery concept, as well as the Viral Academy, and . On June 24-26 we are all coming together at an International futurespotters event in Tbilisi, Georgia. This is an invitation to get involved in shaping it.

This event serves as an opportunity for the extended network to come together and build substantial chunks of common infrastructure, which can be taken forward and built upon together at a distance in the months that follow. By its nature futurespotters is designed as an event with no spectators.

We’d like to invite you to prototype with us a new format for this event! 

It should be focused the issues and challenges raised in the workshops. The primary goal will be to bring those on the frontline together, drawing from a direct community action level to have a conversation focused on real outcomes concerning the issues we are facing in our work and lives. Assuming we have nothing more to rely on than the skills, relationships and resources directly accessible to the people who chose to participate in the conversation. More details about the futurespotters event here.

How do we do this... and how can you get involved?

In practice the way we envision working together is that you curate a track, host a session or join the social media outreach efforts to engage more people in the conversation. It involves some work, and it is worth it because you get to meet and interact with many people around shared aims, develop new skills and learn ALOT about your area of interest from people around the world. 

1. Curate a track: shape the agenda before, during and after the event!

A track is an overaching theme under which several discussions take place in parallel. It consists of a burning question, background information describing the context and why this question is relevant to everyone right now as well as reflections around how different stakeholders stand to benefit from progress made in answering the question.  We ask you to participate in defining a track that you believe will bring people to the table who would benefit directly by being in touch with our networks and ensure the advancement of the subject matter itself. Learn more about how you can contribute!

2. Host a session: Share what you know, learn what you need!

For many of us doing things outside the mainstream, there are no schools or formal courses to teach us what we need to learn. And often the knowledge that is out there is not accessible until you know what you should be looking for and where to find it! Our best resource is one anothers’ experiences, knowledge and social networks. So let’s take advantage of this opportunity to build sessions where we share what we know and learn what we need! 

We ask you to suggest a session based on what you feel you want to learn or understand with capable and creative peers from different parts of the world. A session is a unique off that you believe will bring people to the table who would benefit directly by being in touch with our networks and ensure the advancement of the subject matter itself. Learn more about how you can contribute!

prep for the event or of the event?

It looks clear to me, though I was a bit confused if these instructions are in preparation of the event, or of the event itself, perhaps that could be clarified. I further really like it! Excited about it all!

Pref in the beginning, like in the first two paragraphs. For example: “there are 3 ways you can get involved in the months preparing towards the event, during the event itself, and in the months after the event.” or something better, it’s friday night and my brain usually stops working after 4pm :wink:

Well the event is built by the participipants

So there is not much of a difference. We won’t have a full site until just before the event as we all build it between now and when we are in the room!


I’ve volunteered to take care of track 3 as it might exist online. But it strikes me as being very broad as a topic.  rather than looking at culture in general, I’m thinking of tackling the culture and supportive or non-supportive ecosystems in place that determine how different startups can thrive. this is much narrower I understand, but perhaps compelling. what do you think? then comparing it across various countries. This could provide for interesting discussions, analysis and outcomes.

Those who do the work… go for it!

Works for me :slight_smile:


I’ve updated the Aftermath group, works? /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567

Once we're clear with this, we can update your call & start collecting tweets for the storm based on the skeleton we agreed.