Should The Reef join an energy cooperative?

The landscape of civic activism in Brussels changes fast, and that’s a good thing. We have the usual array of demonstrations, including single-issue ones, on issues close to the heart of most @reeflings: for example, I hear Critical Mass Brussels is organizing a large demo for September 24th. But, increasingly, there is movement on infrastructure. One of these is energy.

Brupower is a newly launched cooperative that aims at producing renewable energy, and supplying it to the Brussels region. They grew out of a project on energy communities, on which I know little.

Of course it is too early to say whether it makes sense for us to join a cooperative initiative on energy like Brupower. But, as soon as we have the capacity to do so, it does make sense to dedicate some time at monitoring these initiatives, as they might help us to increase our resilience (also financial!). As we briefly mentioned at the workshop with @lee and @matteomeschiari (in relation to the New European Bauhaus initiative), it would probably make sense to have a Team Policy in The Reef.

Again, too early to call. But I wanted to leave it here while it’s fresh in my head.


Noted! I added it to the to do list as a priority level 2.

Thanks for the suggestion!