Site: MOL-26

Hello reeflings and more specifically @reef-full !

We have received feedback for a site we sent in priority for pre-feasibility. The architects haven’t sent back a full pre-feasibility, but said that the site was good and we should go ahead with a feasibility study. :partying_face: :smile: They also asked us to organise a visit on site for next week.
We would like to be able to move ahead quickly with this, as the site is for sale, so we would like to ask for online consent to send it for a feasibility study.
Below are the information we have on the site. Could you please fill in this poll before sunday 7th? As usual with written consent, no answer will be considered as consent. If you object, please explain why in a comment below.

  • Let’s go ahead with a feasibility study
  • I object to sending this for feasibility
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You can find the address, some photos and description in the fiche (internal link)
The landlord is interested to sell and is waiting for a price from us.
It is a site that has an access on two different streets, which is a plus.
There is a building in the middle of the plot though, which means there is a “servitude” (right of way? meaning people have to go through the plot we are interested in to get to that central building). Currently the inner plot is rented as a warehouse; we are in the process of contacting the landlord of that inner plot.
The site is 1700m2 + potentially 500m2 for the inner plot.

The architects said it’s interesting for different reasons :

  • the fact that it has an access on 2 different streets
  • the fact that there is a wide frontage (“façade”) on one side of the site, with a 4 stories building opposite (meaning probably that we can build high)
  • there are some buildings that have the potential to be industrial heritage buildings; a visit of the site would help them appreciate how they could be renovated/transformed.

I think that’s about it! @Aline_Jeandenans , @Sebas , please add any additional info you may have :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
A visit to MOL-26 is being organised between the owners and our architects (I’m following it up). The date will be communicated on this discussion as soon as known. A representative of the Reef will be welcome to attend. This visit will last 1 hour and will allow our architects to take stock of the site and ask any questions they may have.
À bientôt ! :wink:


Hello everyone and more specifically @reef-full,
The owner of MOL-26 has confirmed a meeting with our architects.
Monday 15/01 at 11am, Rue Pierre van Humbeek 33, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
I will be there.
Don’t hesitate to attend.
Bonne semaine ! :grinning:


would love to, but have a work meeting at the same time, so won’t be possible for me, unfortunately! But look forward to the feedback! :slight_smile:

@reeflings, @reef-full , FYI

Message from the owner this morning:
“Je vous demanderai cependant de veiller à limiter le nombre de personnes présentent au minimum nécessaire, je pense aux architectes et éventuellement à une personne de votre projet, étant donné que c’est un lieu de travail. Si vous pouviez prendre ceci en considération, nous vous en saurions gré.”
Merci :blush:

I think it’s best if you go alone, Seb. Unless you want some specific expertise?


At the same time, not that I don’t trust Sebastien, but two people always see and remember more than one?

Hello there,
When I click on “internal link”, it tells me “file not found” :frowning:
Anyone else has this issue?
Unfortunately, I won’t be able to come on Monday, I so have a work meeting …

HI Lee, I think we have to respect the owner’s request and trust our dear architects expertise.

I think 2 pair of eyes is always better than 1 (it’s in our working methods) and I don’t think the owner would object to 2 people, but I don’t want to make a point of it. It’s all good.

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Hello everyone,
The visit to MOL-26 went well, and was fairly quick (30 minutes). The owner’s welcome was cold but correct. Our super architects were able to look around and ask questions. We also met the tenants of the central building and collected the owner’s contact details.
This site is of incredible historical interest, as shown in this document sent today by our architects.
The feasibility study has begun !
À suivre…


Damn. You should not have shown us this document, @Sebas . Now I am in love with this site.

Also, “Oxhydrique” is an even cooler name than “The Reef”.


@reef-building : I’m thinking it would be great if we could organise a visit of the site for full members ahead of the final vote. What do you think? Would that be doable?
I know there are workers on site and that’s why the owner didn’t want too many people, but could we maybe negociate a visit in the evening/weekend??
We still have quite a bit of time, so no rush, but I thought I would put the idea out there…


Indeed, once we’ve received the feasibility study, we’ll need to organise a visit (preferably a joint one). As a reminder, the owner should be treated “avec des pincettes” and the visit is complicated by plenty of doors to open with different keys, dirty and abandoned spaces…

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I would prefer to go slowly on this one, and do things in the right order. First because we need a good relationship with the seller, which means 1) not annoying them, and 2) not looking too eager (because it weakens our negotiating power). Second because we need to use our time well: there is no point in visiting a site (let alone the inside of it) before we have received a feasibility study.


i join Lee’s arguments


I wasn’t suggesting doing it before we got the feasibility study, as I said, I was just putting the idea out there…
I’m not sure how having potential buyers visiting the site weakens our negotiating power? Seems like quite a normal thing to me, no?
And again, asking for a visit doesn’t seem to me to be annoying either; if he wants to sell, that seems like quite a normal step to take, even if that buyer is a large group.

But if that’s the general consensus, happy to let it go…


Hi @reeflings ,

A little update on the feasibility studies.
The architects are saying that they are hoping to have the feasibility studies in 10days more or less, depending on how quickly they manage to manage to meet the communes.

In general, there is quite a lot involved in preparing a feasibility study and they are dependant on the different instances (communes, pompiers, région…) they have to meet… So we need to learn to manage our expectations. :innocent:

It also means that it will be unlikely they can commit to send us a feasibility study for the exact date of our plenary. So we might need to hold “emergency” online plenaries sometimes to discuss a site so as not to loose too much time…

We will keep you posted!


That’s quite easy. My expectation is that they give us a deadline that they choose themselves, then respect it. :slight_smile:

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That’s an option we can discuss a group, although as a team, we agreed that demanding things from them wasn’t the way we wanted to start interacting :slight_smile:
I think that we can reasonably trust that they do all they can to finish it as quick as possible…