Sky School Yerevan

Eric - a french pilot working for a number of Airlines in Armenia, ethnically Ukrainian, lived in France and is already 5 years living in Armenia. Totally integrated and speaks Armenian and Russian perfectly, is motivated to help people to dream and to teach them to fly, but is challenged by the local business reality which doesn’t allow / support him anyhow to realize the idea of establishing a Sky School here. He would like to teach his knowledge of flying by using a special software and set of hardware (up to a real cabin of an airplane, tuned as an educational machine, real size, real functionality, with virtual screens instead of sky) somewhere where he gets a space and some support team. He is also an engineer and cyclist, can make many things for cyclists to make cycling more entertaining and to help advertise it among wider public in Armenia. Sky School is aimed at providing not only real knowledge about operating real flights on real airplanes, but also to diversify the leisure time of Armenians, creating an alternative to “just sitting in a pub and drinking a beer”. Intellectual entertainment plays an essential role in this Sky School project. It can also stimulate people to think out of the box by flying out of their perception of space and sometimes stepping out of their comfort zone. Cycling is linked with Sky School because cycling helps to smoothly fly out of the SYSTEM, become independent in many ways, not only in terms of green easy transportation.

Intermediate Solutions

@Vahagn, this is great! I wonder if Eric is considering some bridge solution with less hardware. It would be fun to build a low-cost flight simulator using Kinect and stuff like that.

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Thanks, I am going to meet him right now, will ask:)

Until I get him registered here on Edgeryders, if he says he is allowed to. As a pilot he is not allowed to be registered in any social networks according to some regulations. I like the idea Alberto, will get back to you when I have his reply.

Eric the pilot is thinking to bring a real size Boeing cabin!

Maybe this doesn’t sound too economic, @Alberto, but for the real simulation a real cabin is the best, according to the real pilot. If he finds a way to do it - I am fine with it. I may help the way I can, not by buying it of course, costs really really a lot:)) But I would be happy if Yerevan would become the first city in South Caucasus to have such a training tool:)

Will see, I am curious. In the meanwhile we are also considering to use our space on Wednesdays for the flight simulation. There is a really big interest among those who came or those who heard about the first event:)

We had our first meeting tonight!

Tonight we had the first Sky-Drive at the Sky School Yerevan first ever event! Nowhere else in Armenia you can enjoy this kind of mix of entertainment and practical learning! We can choose different kinds of airplanes, choose where to fly from and where to land, as well as weather conditions and possible challenges in the sky. We really learn how to fly! This is a really nice option to ‪#‎spotthefuture‬ and to be a ‪#‎futurespotter‬, as the transport in general gradually moves to the sky with advancement of technologies, and there will soon be a bigger need for people who know how to fly.



So, what hardware were you using?

laptop, special joysticks and projector

But we really consider bringing a real size real cabin of an airplane, because then it can become a real real stuff. It can be costly but can pay itself back, can be very attractive and first in South Caucasus as far as I am concerned.

Anything that makes Yerevan / Armenia unique more or less locally, regionally or internationally, is good for our attempts to slow down / stop the immigration.

And this is not just a simple patriotic act. We need the infrastructures of this country to function well, in order to enjoy living here:)) Without people it doesn’t work:) very simple:)

So this becomes funny but we actually want to teach people to fly in order to keep people here:)) 

This is so cool!!!

@Vahagn, please please keep us posted on the coming meetings.

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