Small call for cool projects. Can we use it?

Great news! I’m available to further contribute where needed.

Yay! Very happy about this, thanks for the great work!

I see that they plan to host an info session on March 2nd, maybe we can start planning for the next work-phase after attending that one.

Great. Can you go?

Yes! I can

These are great news, really rooting and looking forward to it

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This is important, because the evaluation is not that great (see document in the folder): 3.75/5 excellence, 3.75 impact, 4 implementation. We need to get it up to 13, at least.

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Agree, let me know when you get the email with “more info” that they are promising comes through.

@matteo_uguzzoni, did yo go to the mentoring seminar? Any news?

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Thanks @alberto for the ping

Picking up here after the meeting, few things were interesting to hear and I think will give us some direction to move forward, in particular Marina Angelaki that is part of the COESO Advisory Board shared that:

  • they are a diverse group of professional, so the project should be as clear as possible. A person may not be familiar with a specific area, so don’t give the feeling that they need to seek additional informations, they will not doing it.

  • all the projects need to expand on how the different stakeholder will work together, not only the science citizen part, but also the intra-partner collaboration

  • all the projects need expand on the SDG and FAIR principles.

Another interesting note came from Alessia Smaniotto, the project manager of the project, that shared how usually they describe the pilots: 1) the societal challenge that they are addressing and 2) the bridge that the project fills.

It was not possible to understand better why we’ve scored the way we did (Excellence 3.75 out of 5, Impact 3.75, Implementation 4.5), supposedly there will be a publication of all the shortlisted projects and their score in the next weeks available on the website - that could be a good check to understand were we stand.

Here is the Full Proposal Template, I’ll start populating that with some of the concepts of the short proposal and everybody can chip in.

Before we write things I think that there is the need for two (2) meetings (they can be one but I want to be respectful of everybody’s time).
The first is with myself, @alberto and @akmunk , the goal of the meeting is to understand better (1)what kind of output the games should have, (2) how this will be fed to the digital ethnographers, and (3) what digital ethnography tools are we going to adopt.

The second, again could be the same one, is with CHC about reach out and stakeholders involvement, in this I imagine myself and @marina (and @alberto if available/make sense).

After we do that I think we will be in a better shape to write down stuff.

In the Full Proposal there are new questions but it’s very similar in structure to the first one (6 pages long instead of 3), there is a request to go more deep in some technicalities and documents.

The deadline is March 31st at 5PM CET (Thursday) and the answer from them will arrive by April 22nd.

If this sounds ok with everyone I can start organizing the meetings first.

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Agree. Go.

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The full proposal is now submitted. I am quite happy with it! Thanks to @matteo_uguzzoni for leadership, @akmunk, @marina and everyone involved. The proposal and all accompanying documents are all on the Drive folder.

Now we wait.


Yes!! Thank you all, it was great working on this. The last day for their notification to the selected pilots is April 22nd, have a nice beginning of spring :slight_smile:

Hello, phase 2 was also successful. We scored a sound victory, with the highest evaluation across the whole call (170 proposals), 4.95 out of 5. It’s almost spiteful: they could have said 5, no?

Congratulations to @matteo_uguzzoni, who had the idea and carried it through, and @marina and @akmunk for their contributions.

The evaluation is here (requires access).

Also ping @hugi, @ivan, @nadia. @yudhanjaya and @giacomo.pinaffo as this affects (positively) our future development of #witness .


congratulations guys, well done!


Superb, fantastic job! We should take this into account and align the retreat around this somehow, no?


Yes, @hugi, absolutely.

Stunning job and smooth collaboration everyone, very happy and looking forward to develop this!

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Guys, we have received the advance payment for this grant.

@matteo_uguzzoni let’s have a quick meeting. We need to:

  • Set in motion the process that leads us to the first play tests in September.
  • Set up the appropriate workflow, including a dedicated workspace on the platform.
  • Write some copy to start communicating and hopefully recruiting future participants.
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Hello @alberto next week I’m free all morning (early afternoon for you), let me know a good day and let’s meet!