Social media report 13.06 - 28.06

First, big thanks to @inge for helping me with the copy and images for social media outreach and @nadia for flagging what needs to be promoted :slight_smile: (and everybody else who lets me know what needs to get a push!)

Here are the first social media reports since I’ve started to post on Edge’s Twitter and Facebook.


Here, the most important metric is the engagement which as you can see from the report witnessed a nice increase. Most popular posts are the ones about sex workers in Poland, and about the problems of the Catholic church in Poland.

By seeing that these two posts are the most popular, this shows that questions that deal with specific issues in a society work the best. So me and @inge will do our best to post more of such posts as they work well :slight_smile:


Here followers experienced a nice growth, but the engagement remained stable. Not great, but good thing that no engagement was lost. So we’ll try to adjust the copy and style to boost more Twitter engagement.

Note: Facebook results are organic, as developing the copy and images for the ongoing ad campaigns took some time, but now they are ready, so I’m expecting a growth in Facebook numbers in the coming weeks as we kick off the campaign.Facebook.pdf (72.1 KB)
Twitter.pdf (286.6 KB)

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Ok so here are the stats from the platform itself - how do you interpret this and what are the implications for our work moving forward?


Is it possible to have screenshots from June the 13th onwards as that is the date when we started to post on Twitter and Facebook more?

Regarding the growth of topics and new members, this should and must increase now as we’ll set up the advertising campaigns on Facebook. Also, from posts its visible that the audience is also very interested in commenting on Facebook and some on Twitter as well. If we continue to try to motivate people there to engage, and try to encourage people to leave comments, we can then approach those people via Facebook and/or Twitter and personally try to get them to register to the platform.

Regarding the advertising campaign, now we already have some good engagement to create extended audiences (base audience are people who liked, commented, shared, clicked on our posts) and we can show our ads to their friends as well

Interesting pattern of signups and contributors. OK, here we need to figure out a way how to on-board members that will be more active and contribute to discussion. I think that here making posts on FB and TW that generate lots of engagement, approaching those people,. moving that discussion into EdgeRyders, will get us more engagement. Will discuss this with @inge on how to make this happen

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If you need help from some of us let us know. I saw your attempt on Facebook to explain to someone how to post here, but i think it’s costly… Did it work in the end?

Otherwise, it would be helpful if you had some ideas about how the call for Czech connectors is faring?
The only applicant we have so far is a friend of Jirka’s… so he came through a personal network.

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She told me that she joined in. Regarding czech connectors, I’m looking into that as well as we speak

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Hei, let us know if it’s worth pushing the call for hire anymore?
If we are doing something wrong, then maybe best to re-adjust…

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We brainstormed an idea (@nadia and me): to post this job ad into the event page that we’re promoting that is getting lots of engagement for the event in Brno. We think it might do well, we can just add on top of the existing job ad post a text like):

We need Czech guys or girls who want to be leaders of a change. Are you attending or know when events that deal with society issues that Czechia or your city struggles with are happening, then you are our guy/girl. We have a job for you!

@inge @Jirka_Kocian @nadia and anyone else, feel free to adjust the text above

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besides the guy/girl language it makes sense to me

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We are looking for leaders of change, who know which societal issues are pertinent and critical to their city and their country. Do you regularly attend events which deal with these issues? Do you know where to find people who care? Then we have a job for you!

If the event page and réactions to the post need more management and readiness by community managers, as they do, please add Jirka Kocian on Facebook so you can reach him quicklier.
@Jirka_Kocian, you should be co-host of the events and get notifications of all posts on the pages, so it should not be hard keep an eye on the discussions? xx

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I would like to discuss this tomorrow during our call, but in a long term I do not see myself to be the person for the job, especially in regard of the time management and task distribution

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