Social Media team - Openvillage

In order to reach out to more people and get to know interesting people and projects, we need to get our voices heard, and reach out to the right people so we can easily collaborate together. for this is easier and better to do it in a decentralized way. so we all do a small amount of work but together we are getting a big amount of work done.

This is mainly for the fellows and people receiving Travel bursaries everyone else is welcomed to join and help out.

so please, you can help out by doing the following

  1. In case you didn’t sign up yet. please sign up in the count on me list

  2. Help composing the headlines and tweets to showcase your work and other people’s work here

  3. sending customized invitations to people on this list, based on a search done by heba earlier, to join the openvillage. Please mark the invited ones so we don’t replicate our work

everyone is invited no need to mention people