Social Running Club in Yerevan, Armenia

Hello everyone! My name is Lilia Khachatrian. I’m based in Yerevan, Armenia. I’m a novice, but zealot runner who holds a major ambition of starting an inclusive social running club that would welcome people of all ages and running abilities and fitness levels for free runs and socializing initially in Yerevan. The mission of the club is the development of a network of runners and new running culture in Armenia which would promote running as an achievable means of healthy active living and a fun communal activity washing over the instilled image of running as a solitary, elite, unachievable, competitive activity. The runners will meet for social events of different scopes as well as create positive social impact through the network.


Second that

Good to meet you Lilia. I am a (modest) runner myself, and have been part of clubs in Milano and now in Brussels. I really love the experience, they are super-inclusive and fun. Milano especially has a fantastic running culture, with plenty of people of all ages coming together for fun and health.

Are you going to be at Futurespotters Tbilisi? I would love to co-organize with you an EdgeRun! We only need to recruit some active Georgian that knows the city well, but I am sure it’s doable.

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Hello Antonio! Good to meet you too! Due to unexpected circumstances I won’t be able to attend the event in Tbilisi, it’s such a pity! I hope you’ll organize the EdgeRun and discover Tbilisi through the run! :slight_smile:

Great idea!

really like the idea, a fun way for all ages and types of people to come together and be healthy :). Unfortunately, I absolutely HATE running, but it would be cool to maybe set up a nice morning run for the ones who would like to join at the event, I agree with Alberto. What do you think Lilia?

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Hi Inge! I’m so sorry, unexpected circumstances hold me back from participating in the event in Tbilisi! I hope Antonio will organize the run. It should be a great experience to those runners who participate. :slight_smile:

anyone up for it

sorry to hear  u can’t make it @Lilia ,

am excited about this run ,would be happy to have such a run in Tbilisi  , so any Georgian can help with the route .

am in for any help needed also

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We’ll do it

We will do it, @Hazem, bring your shoes. Hopefully we will find some nice Georgian runner willing to come with us and show us a track.

great :)…and it seems that Tbilisi has nice scenery as well , can’t wait :slight_smile: