Société simple alignment group meeting: Helping Circle

Hi @Sophie_B , @Lee , @Andrea_W , @alberto , @Sarah , @Angelika , @RichardB

Thanks for the meeting today. You can find the minutes here
Can we try to find the date for the next team meeting.
Here are the options:

  • Thursday, 23 Nov evening
  • Sunday, 26 Nov evening
  • Monday, 27 Nov evening
  • Wednesday, 29 Nov evening
  • Sunday, 3 Dec evening
  • Monday, 4 Dec evening
  • Tuesday, 5 Dec evening
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Also, for those who haven’t yet seen yesterday’s minutes, @Andrea_W will take the lead on plain language 2 pager (not available this week, but ok to start working on it as of next week). @Sophie has been informed. Hope you are ok with that too, @Angelika .

Look forward to your answer about the next meeting’s date.
Nice Monday to everyone!


Perfect thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Sophie_B , @Lee , @Andrea_W , @alberto , @Sarah , @Angelika , @RichardB, @alberto

As for the next meeting, Sunday, 3 December seems to be the date. Will create a zoom link and will send a reminder. Should we say 7pm like last time?



Hi @Lee , @Andrea_W , @alberto , @Sarah , @Angelika , @RichardB, @alberto (taking @Sophie_B out of this for the moment, as she is on the break).
Given we haven’t managed to meet yesterday and it’s important to align, can i propose a poll to set a meeting for next week or the following one?


  • Monday, 11 Dec at 7:30pm
  • Thursday, 14 Dec at 7:30
  • Saturday, 16 Dec at 12pm
  • Monday, 18 Dec at 7:30pm
  • Tuesday, 19 Dec at 7:30pm
  • Wed, 20 Dec at 7:30pm
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Thanks a lot @ugne and apologies for the hassle. Can we maybe aim for the slots on 11 or 14 December, so that we have time to prepare something for the plenary of the 20th?

Hi team,

I am sorry but I feel like I have quite a lot to do with team building at the moment, and I don’t really have extra time on my hand. I have to preserve myself a bit, and be carefull to not max out my capacities.
I might try to take part to this work where needed on specific aspects, when I’m needed, but I don"t think I can be part of the motor group, and take part to every meeting.
Let me know if you think my presence would be necessary for this meeting, or at any point later, do not hesitate to ping me for a specific job or ask me to join you on one or the other meeting. I will also keep an eye on what"s going on.
And if you are struggling and just have too much to deal with, please ping me and I will do my best to be more involved and support you.


No worries Sarah. I think we should try to create more clarity about who is in the motor group, so that nobody needs to feel guilty.

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@Sarah , totally understand, no worries whatsoever. Team, let’s go for Thursday, 14 Dec. Will post the link on the calendar


Hello all,

This afternoon @ugne and I had a meeting with Madeleine the lawyer.

We spent most of the meeting on two things:

  1. Clarifying some legal terms that are needed to understand the statutes, e.g. démembrement, usufruit, nue-propriété, cession des parts, copropriété forcée etc.

  2. Explaining some of our more complicated questions

We agreed on the following next steps:

  • She will look at our table with questions, and write some quick answers.

  • For the more complicated questions she may call the notary to get some clarifications.

  • She will work on the statutes and make amendments (in tracked changes) to change some of the clauses so that they better fit our way of working (e.g. voting).

  • She will get back in touch in the course of next week, sending us the table, the statutes with track changes and her work sheet (so that we can keep an eye on our budget).

I have taken notes of the things she explained. I could easily type this out, but I prefer to wait until she comes back to us, so that I don’t spend time that isn’t needed.

All this should get us a whole lot closer to finalising this task.

Here’s a rough overview of what I think we need to do afterwards:

  • Look at the answers and amendments, and do a final iteration.

  • Make a two-pager “statutes for dummies” in which we explain the key terms, the essence of what’s in the statutes (GA, Conseil de Gestion etc) and a separate section on certain implications that everybody who joins must understand.

  • Once we have a stable version of the two-pager and the amended statutes, we can start discussing it at the plenary.

  • Once we reach consent, we are in principle ready to launch the société simple. The practicalities should be rather simple: sign the document, register it in the BCE and something else the notary will take care of.

@ugne would you be ok to take care of the agenda for Thursday’s meeting, or would you prefer I do it?

@alberto would you possibly be available for that meeting?


Hi @Lee,

Wow, you were very fast in drafting this and summarizing. I found the lawyer really good and very much with feet on the ground to explain that seemed super complicated in simple terms and giving examples.
I agree we should rather wait before she gets back to us , as some things we noted will be in the answers she will provide.

I can draft an agenda for Thursday and share with you. You can always complete it. If I understand correctly, the focus of the meeting will be :

  • giving feedback on the discussion with the lawyer (8 Dec)
  • check on the status of two pager (simplified société simple Doc version)
  • agree on next steps and deadlines
  • see what can we do with the questions to the notary, if there are still any.


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Hi @ugne,

I am happy to meet, but I am not sure whether meeting at this point will add a lot value.

Happy to do that, but not sure whether this is enough to convey a meeting at this point.

I’d also like to get some more clarity who is actually an active member of the Statutes Helping Circle. It’s nobody’s fault, but it’s just no longer clear to me.

I think this is urgent and important, and at the same time without a good understand of the difficult terms that we clarified (and thus, the lawyer’s written feedback) I am not sure there is a lot of progress that we can make in the next week.

Dearly needed this one, but also here I’m not sure whether we’ll have all the information, and whether this is enough to convey a meeting.

This one is not fully clear to me. Do you mean the final remaining questions on the statutes, after we’ll have the lawyer’s input?

As I said, I don’t want to be contrarian and I’d be happy to meet. I guess I’m just offering my thoughts on whether there is enough to convey a meeting, but happy to follow your lead. Equally happy to have a quick call to clarify a couple of things if that can be helpful.

Hi @reef-finance ,

We’ve discussed with @Lee that given the discussion above, we will cancel Thursday’s Helping Circle team’s meeting and invite @Lee to join the begining of team’s finance meeting on Wednesday at 7pm to align & get some updates on société simple doc as Helping Circle team consists of the same people.

Please let me know if you can not attend Wednesday 's meeting.

A conference I will attend on Wednesday normally ends at 19:30. I might skip the last part and try to make it, but can’t be sure. Sorry! I will send you a message Ugne with my comments/ questions in advance re the helping circle, in case. I had been home last Sunday for that meeting we then had to cancel. I think it is a good idea for Lie to join the beginning of the finance meeting as we are the same people involved, to know where we are and who does what.