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Hi! I’m new here but been following Edgeryders for a few years. Really awesome to see how it’s grown since it began from a house in Brussels!

I am wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some things around here…

I’m curious about where the fiction world Witness is at the moment. There’re a few things I’m most interested in engaging with, via this platform:

Possibilities for open, qualitative research and solidarity across Southeast Asia and Europe ?

Exploring more of what the #qualitative-data-analysis channel is doing. I am part of the Soil Regeneration Project in Singapore ( and we’re conducting community-led action research on soil practices, with gardeners. Eventually, I hope to find a digital tool or platform for qualitative coding and findings to be shared, and openly discussed, with others.

Building out the witness world! In real life and on the page. Where’s a good place to start, on the latest? Building Witness


Ping @alberto :slight_smile:

Hi Huiying, welcome out/ in :slight_smile:

I’ll let the others respond re: qualitative data analysis activities and tools.

Regarding witness, there are a couple of things happening - Some of us are developing a card game that is intended to lower the threshold to participating in the worldbuilding, and turn it into a social activity people can do over a coffee, drink at the pub… but also as a strategic planning exercise with colleagues. It’s fun, but also challenging. We are testing it for the first time at the event we are organising on November 29.

Some people are experimenting with storytelling, I know there was a discussion about maybe making a fanzine? Others are making art. @iouxo has been experimenting with AI generated art - me Im more into illustration/video. @owen is building some digital stuff too.

You can follow/ participate in this part of the platform

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so much fun that we just end up in the same place physically almost simulaneouly

Yes it was!! Thanks for getting me started here. I’ll head to the Witness thread you shared and poke around a bit. And I’ll tune in for that event on 29 Nov. I’d want to do something with storytelling. Thinking of lots of fiction writing during my fieldwork time from this Dec… :slight_smile: