Soil samples


The architects asked for price offers… and this is their analysis and recommendation for the 4 offers they received… (price offers)
Verbeke has the most complete price offer and a correct price. They’ve already worked with them several times and satisfied by their work, so they recommend Verbeke

If you have any objections, can you react before Sunday June 30th 20:00?

Burmaco : 1700€ Htva, hors réservation de voirie.
Pas de relevé du niveau de la nappe phréatique.
Pas de recommandations sur le système d’infiltration à mettre en place.

Verbeke: 2140€ Htva, hors réservation de voirie.
Offre bien complète

JACOB : 2950€ Htva, hors réservation de voirie.
Pas de relevé du niveau de la nappe phréatique.
Pas de recommandations sur le système d’infiltration à mettre en place.

Geosonda : 2886€ Htva, hors réservation de voirie.
Pas de relevé du niveau de la nappe phréatique.
Pas de recommandations sur le système d’infiltration à mettre en place.

The Reef devra se charger de faire la demande de réservation de stationnement devant le site.


@reef-building : i asked francois if we need to reserve a place, as they can station on the site or before the gates of the site (=> i replied on his mail)

@reef-building : for the reservation of parking space: Francois said that is sth we need to check with the company we chose, they don’t have all the same size trucks…So to be checked with them


@reef-building : ideally we should have the ‘soil sampler company’ before the congé de batiment (start around 15/07 i guess): can you give your availability to go open (and/or close) the gates… (in the week of july 8th and july 15th)
If we leave it till after, we risk to have to go back to cut the grass (maybe)…

I looked it up: if we need to make a reservation for a parking place: we need to do it 5 days in advance:

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Monday 15 and Friday 19 after 2.45pm for me

I think we might have to ask the landlord to do that, I doubt you can do it if you are not Jettois, and if it’s not in front of your property even?

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for me: probably july 8,9,10,11 and 15,17,18,19 could work

I can be there:

  • Mon 8 July to close
  • Tue 9 July to open or close
  • Thu 11 July to open or close
    (after, I’m on holiday until 4 August)
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Sorry for not being very helpful (again), I am working every day and the site is a 1,5 hour round trip from home - if need be, I can come to close the gates on a monday, wednesday or friday.

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hi @reef-building , just a quick update.

  • They won’t be available till the end of august/beginning of september
  • I asked for a fiche which they referred to having joined with the price offer but we didn’t get from the architects => the measurements are a bit bigger than what the architects said: 4 m high (no problem i thinkg) and 3 m wide (architects said 2 m wide). This last one is to be checked, and my fear is that making it in the turns might be a problem (have a look at the fiche): Login – Nextcloud
  • In the price offer they had also indicated they want a parking space of 25 m. When i went to the site on sunday , i measured the parking spot before the gate: it’s 18,5 m more or less. On the other side there are plenty of garages which make a 25 m parking space impossible. I asked if it should be 1 spot or if it can be two, but they didn’t answer. Looking at the fiche technique, i think it should be one. So for me the best option is that they park on the site, but that means that maybe some more cutting/mowing needs to be done? I also asked if they can make the turn from the street to the site. I measured the width of the gate, it’s 5m68, but they didn’t answer that question either.
    Ah, i see they’ve send two answers, one of them says ‘Nous interviendrons en Track&truck cela évite le stationnement’ => so problem solved i guess . I do wander though - for the truck to make it on the field - if we should not reserve the place so it can make the turn. They indicate they need 8,5 m for the turn so possible cars might be a problem i guess.
  • they are on holiday from the 22 July onwards, so if we want them end of August /beginning of September, we should make the appointment now. The architects indicated it’s not the most urgent thing. On the other hand, the longer we wait, the bigger the grass will be, but maybe that is not an issue for that truck?

So my question: can anyone take this up? (i am off in august and probably busy beginning of september to catch up on things)
I think the extra cutting needed can be with some hand tools , with a couple of reeflings… But that’s just my opinion

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Indeed we should check. And that’s maybe another fun day at the site in perspective!

Yes, looking at the fiche technique, if I understand well, we will need another 2.5-3m free before the gate. So I think we will still need to contact the commune.
As for the inside of the sight, should we go there on 12/07 before the afterwork and have a look?

I can take up organising another work day once we establish what needs to be done.
Maybe somebody else can take on the coordinating and opening doors for the workmen?

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I had a closer look at the fiche, in the turns (2 places on the side), we need a square of 8,5m on 8,5m, so we definately need some more work, but shouldn’t take long.
I talked to chris in the meantime, and will have my fathers chainsaw to have this done. I guess just two people will be enough, chris sawing, one clearing. It should be done in an hour i think. I can go with chris if needed…


Since we live close by, we can always give a hand :raised_hand:/replace you so you can focus on other taks


that’s very kind, but i will need to go anyway to bring the chainsaw to chris, so no problem :slight_smile:

Happy to get involved if I can get a quick briefing one of these days what needs to be done + when.

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@Els, would you like me to take this on?

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that would be nice :slight_smile:
maybe we should talk one of these days…

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hi @Sophie_B , thought i might have seen you this week, but no, so i am writing it down (and maybe we can talk briefly on monday’s full members meeting if you’re going)…
To answer your question: What needs to be done and when?

  • some more clearing of the site so their truck/machine can pass => chris and i will be doing that on Wednesday, so that point is being taken care off

  • call Verbeke to fix a date => they leave on holiday on the 20 th or 21st if i remember well => i would like to call them before they go on holiday because if we’re going to call them end of august or beginning of september, i am affraid the first date available at that time will be october-november.
    => somebody will need to go to open the gates for them that day , and then close them when they are finished. I don’t know what you’re availibitlies are in september, but i have my day off on Wednesday, so i could make it on whatever Wednesday in september-october.
    => Could you call them next week to make an appointment? (before 20/07/2024) The company sounds flemish, but when i wrote a mail in dutch, she replied in french. You can find the contact details on the invoice.

  • At least one week before the appointment, we would need reserve the place before the gate (i think you can do that online, link in one of the above posts of this thread). I think it’s best to call them as well to make absolute sure that it is the space right in front the gate. We don’t need it for parking, we just need to have no cars to be parked there because their machine/truck needs quite some space to make a turn/ to get on the site => if you could do that , perfect. I am away till the end of August so if the appointment would be the first Wednesday or September, I won’t be able to do that. I think Sarah might be on holiday too

  • on the day itself: preferable arrive half an hour earlier, in case there are cars parked, to call the police… and then open the gate.

  • one thing still to follow up: the architects need to deliver them more info about the soil samples to be taken => i don’t think they have done that yet, so to be checked with them after their holidays, and when we have the appointment, let the architects know about the appointment…

PS i have noticed that - if we write several messages via ER to the architects- that they only reply to the latest one send. So i think we should try to assemble all info for them and have one big message post to them towards their come back (towards 15/08)