Some interesting leads in Georgia

Today an ex-colleague of mine that works with Personal Democracy Forum Europe got in touch after coming back from a recent event in Warsaw. Two of the speakers there hailed from Georgia, and she found them exciting people we should definitely be talking to:

What do you think, [Inge Snip], [Nino Japiashvili] and all you proud Georgians in the community? Is my friend right to be impressed? Are these future builders?

small Edgeryders world

also ping [Cristina_Maza] who I think works with Eric directly and can guide us :slight_smile:

JumpStart definitely the partner organisation for us, one of the first I came across while researching a bit the space, from afar of course.

Cristina and Mark

Both great people, both great org’s! Good friends of mine.

About Elva, they do more conflict prevention stuff, but we could work with them as they do interesting data colection: innovative for sure!

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should I contact Mark and Jonne from Elva as well for possible cooperation?