Sound therapy: intro and practice. 2 hours workshop. Please suggest best time

Sounding together to tune into the moment, to find common frequency, to connect at the moment, to listen to the silence. This sound meditation helps to find balance and appreciation. We want to learn to be good listeners and good speakers. We want our voices to be heard and to be communicating clearly. Sound vocal work helps to realise this basic human potential, help remove shyness when speaking, find your own voice, speak from the core of your being, speak your truth. Sound is known to help channel and move mental, emotional, energetic and physical states, balance the state of being.


The workshop will include some theoretical aspects about sound therapy and use of voice in particular in meditation, communication and therapy.

We will touch on the following subjects and practice following techniques:

-       Vocal warm-ups

-       Voice as scanning tool

-       Voice to move energy

-       Finding your voice

-       Toning and overtoning

-       Human energy system: chakras, nadis and the qualities associated with them

-       Chakra sounds and sonic hot chocolate

-       Balancing energy system with vocal practice

Everyone welcome, but spaces will be limited 


Hi again,

This is the Edge indeed, I personally have never been involved with anything like this, and I would love to!

Should we do this on Sunday?

Also Fotona, do you have a reading to suggest to make it easier for the newbies to get into the topic ? :slight_smile:

My kind of things :slight_smile:

Thanks for this proposal , I’m a lot into this :slight_smile: I love Sound Therapy :slight_smile: Sunday afternoon / early evening ?

Sound therapy: timing

Hi, I am leaving on Sunday (early afternoon have to be in the airport already) and it might be a little difficult to leave it to the last day. Can I suggest Saturday? any time is good really depending on the times left in the calendar:)

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Sound therapy more info

You can read more on my web site:


yes, please

I would like to experience this.

Also, debating whether or not to carry my Shakuhachi flute with me to Matera and this arrived as a “yes” vote :slight_smile:

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I love Shakuhachi:)

Sound therapy – an echo

As an actor and physical therapist – this healing power of the sound is my world.  When we toured the Matera caves and the unMo buildings in March, I naturally entered each room voice first.  I am afraid I have to report that for stone caves the rooms all sounded disappointingly dead.  Geometrically this cannot conceivably be the case, and it may be that if we build platforms we can find an acoustic power centre somewhere higher up than standing height.  I did get some good sounds going in the underground cisterns.

I certainly hope that we can a proper chanting process as part of our unMo living.  However, I question whether this should be among the public manifestations of the unMo development process that are open to the public at the LOTE. (Of course it is unbelievable that I, an aging hippie, am reluctant to be seen as a bunch of aging (or not) hippies.)

This has been discussed before with Mattias.  The LOTE is in Matera to work to build the unMO —  even though the welcoming committee has launched an unDoJo as a quiet space to be less driven, it is vital for our relationship with the community that we are seen to be there not for our own self development but for Matera’s.  This is an incredible vital balance for us to maintain.  Maybe the host committee should invite to a specific chatphone session with Iamronen and Fotona and a few others to discuss this.  I can certainly see elements of Fotona’s work being incorporated into the Day of Firsts and my only question its proportion.  The same is true for the yoga - physical practice highly necessary in our daily life, but for the LOTE small samples that feed into the central work of, for example, addressing the 43 challenges serve our purpose better.

@Noemi, I am sorry not to have got back to you about the program — it is grant application day here.

exactly what I wished for :slight_smile:

sound meditation <3

thank you so much, I would love to join!

Will also bring quantum light breath meditation CD for a possible morning session to inspire the field of creativity :slight_smile: if there is space in the calender of course. Who to get in touch with to arrange this?

“The Quantum Light Breath is a breathing meditation process that accelerates personal transformation by releasing withheld feelings and revealing unconscious programs…”


Noemi for scheduling

hi [oodie pie], ping [Noemi] about schedulng. Im curious about this session as a whole. And am so happy we’re finding our bodies at LOTE. Checked out the video Fonoma posted, and the link you shared. This session along with yoga is a beat of a leap for me.  So I would like to share in the expereince. Thank you for putting this together !!

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Wow! Great, I’m in too!

thank so much for this oportunity! (Smiling)

GREAT :slight_smile:

I would love to join !