Sovereignty is the Way / Towards Human Potential and a Viable Civilization / Outcompeting the Attention Economy

Hey all,

this week I’ve published some essays around the lines of

  • the transition to a viable civilization (meta-stable, post existential risk, what some call GameB) can be understood in terms of advancing human sovereignty (in Schmachtenberger’s sense)
  • a phase shift in sovereignty is required within 5-10 years
  • social media as our primary conditioning environment is one of our best bets for bringing that about
  • we can’t ask nicely for FB to become more humane
  • it’s possible to outcompete the attention economy
  • augmented sovereignty is the ultimate value proposition

They’ve been well-received (got my first reddit gold) and connect to what I think we all are working on in one way or the other. Find them here:

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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Hello @welf,

Thank you very much! Sounds interesting! To be able to engage better with you and your content I would like to ask you to tell us abit more about yourself:

What motivates you? What’s your background? What are you searching for?

Our experience has also shown that it is easier to start a topical conversation with a post around 500 words that focuses on one topic. Maybe your could pick one or two of the topics your are writing about and post 1-2 paragraphs from those publications for the conversation to start with a link to the full paper? If you make too many interesting points at the same time it is hard to decide where to start the conversation :).

Also I wondered if you had already seen our Sci-fi economics project and if it might be intersting for you: