Conversation Overview 6th of May 2020: Looking forward and making a living

Hello, dear community,

When looking at this week’s conversations, both new, ongoing and reignited there is an air of “looking forward”.

Sometimes this means to reignite a conversation which demands more of the internet for the planet. Faire use and copyright law are relevant topics right now, but especially something we need to address for future development! (thank @trythis)

@welf shared their vision of the future with us by sharing a list of publications they would be happy to discuss with you!

@yannick is asking a very specific question: “So my question is, are there somewhere the resources here available to create coherent accountancy with the values I want to deliver (open source, collective decision making, ecological impact, doughnut economy,…) ?”

We are also looking forward to a concrete event by @erik_lohroth: “Own Your Cloud” on 8th of May, 17:00 - 19:00 is a discussion of the ethical and legal implications of subscription services for clouds combined with a hands-on workshop helping everyone in the webinar to set up their own nextcloud, a free and open-source cloud that they will own yourself!

Our previous community chat was growing too large, so we switched to a new thread and would invite all of you again to just share your own quick thoughts. Feelings, “Status Updates” and of course what you are looking forward to, which is very important especially in crisis times :): What’s up with you?

Finally Edgeryders as a whole is up to something bigger and interesting:

The Resilient Livelihoods Online Summit

How to make a living, do meaningful work, be resilient in crisis but also with your mental health are topics we have identified as extremely important for our community and society as a whole.

Therefore we will have an online summit in late May and early June where people, problem owners, experts and hackers (most of the time anyone is multiple of those;)) can come together for meaningful conversations in multiple calls focusing on different topics and questions surrounding the Livelihood topology and end with concrete calls to action.

You can see a sneak-peak of the summit in preparation here:

If you want to look back to inform your next steps, our @nadia has put together a great list of stories from our archive relevant to the Summit topic of “Making a Living”:

If you feel like you would like to get involved and add your own initiative you can do so here:

If you want to get involved while making a living, you can register yourself here (meaning we are hiring):

And your more informal insights during the current “not normal” for the future you can go here:

Thank you all for caring and exploring how to make the situation better!