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Hi @reeflings !

This is a geodesic dome:

Once upon a time, a man named Buckminster Fuller thought that geodesic domes would be the answer to the global housing crisis, but this turned out to be far from the case. Despite enjoying some popularity as home designs in the 60s and 70s, they turned out to have too many disadvantages as permanent structures. And as Alberto pointed out in his presentation at Monday’s plenary meeting, they are absolute shit with regard to ‘how buildings learn’ and adaptability.

However, they are still the gold standard of temporary structures, because they are cheaper and easier to build than tipis or yurts, and also easier to put up, put down, move and transport.

So why are we talking about them here? Because I used to build them for festivals when I lived in the UK, and I would like to build one for the Reef to have on the site, made out of the branches that we cut recently to clear the way for the géomètre to take measurements of the land. With the sizes of the branches available, I think I could make one about 4 metres in diameter. All we would need then is some canvas or tarpaulin to cover it, and we would have a dry space to store things like tables, chairs, bbqs, plates/cutlery, blankets, etc… It wouldn’t be secure, but I don’t think anyone is going to go to the bother of breaking the lock on the gate to get to some outdoor furniture.

Having a storage space on site would make it a lot easier to have events there, big or small. The only other thing to do to make this work would be to construct some toilet facilities. This is also something we used to do a lot at various festival sites and communities around the world, and there are a load of options. Here’s a link that Lie sent me recently, with a top-of-the-range construction: How To Easily Build Your Own DIY Composting Toilet. Middle of the range would be a straw bale construction: straw bale toilet at DuckDuckGo. And the bottom-of-the-range, low-budget option would be to dig a trench, put a pile of sawdust, a bucket of water and some soap next to it, and throw a sheet round it. There’s still plenty of wild areas that we could cut a path into the middle of to do this out of the way of everything and everyone.

So, as this is a community of equals who love to make decisions sociocratically by consent, if anyone wants to object to all or any of this plan, feel free to say so below this post. I think this is a good idea and would enjoy the adventure of making it happen, but I am more than open to hearing from anyone who thinks it’s a complete waste of time :slight_smile: Also, there might be some small expenses along the way, but the aim would be to do this in the most budget-conscious way imaginable.

If there were no objections, there would be two pertinent questions:

For @reef-building : would we need to ask the owner to set up a temporary structure on the site? (It would be at the back, probably on the left, where there is a clearing that is out of sight from the road.)

For @reef-finance : how would I go about asking for consent to spend about 100 euros on this plan?

Comments welcome…


  • Marcel is our contact with the owner, you could ask Marcel to check this with the owner.
  • Be aware that the soil samples still need to be taken, and it won’t happen right away (september-october?) => they need quit some space for their machine to maneuver

I suggest written online consent. Create a poll, notify the full members, give it a deadline. Consent is assumed if people do not reply.

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Great idea! Thanks a lot @ChrisM!

I’m no expert in temporary toilets, but the concerns I would like to bring in against the lower-end options are the risk of rats or smells (just being accused of it by the neighbours even if it’s not true would not be great), pollution (there’s a reason why sewage gets a minimum of filtering) and maybe a minimum of comfort for women.


Ahaha! I forgot commenting on this in the end, but fully agreeing with Lie!


@ChrisM I think this would be the right thread to ask for consent: Unforeseen expenses: do you have an objection?

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Just putting this out here …

If we could have the seahorse version of this, it will have my vote:


:rofl: :rofl: Loving it!
And I would say that we keep it for the common spaces, definetly!


Not very accessible eh.