Unforeseen expenses: do you have an objection?

I’m starting a new thread for all issues related to unforeseen expenses.

Once we have more clarity about our financial processes, we can update this post.

For now, if I’m not mistaken, the rules for now are these:

  • We can only spend money on things that have been foreseen in the budget that was consented to. If the deviation from the foreseen money is less than 100 euro, the team has autonomy to go ahead (see The Reef's spending and financial transparency policy)

  • If you would like to spend money on something that was not part of the budget, you create a short post (in this thread) and ask for objections. Consent is assumed if there are no objections.

Hello @reeflings,

I suggested in the Christmas party thread (see The Reef "Christmas and New year" Party - #25 by Lee) that we buy a small new year’s gift for the lovely people in our wider community that are supporting us with their time and energy.

Alberto and I, as members of the sleeping Team External Relations, would like to propose that we don’t let this slip, and invest a little time and money to thank our confesseurs, the architects and the coach. Even though the latter two are sending us bills, the time and energy they are offering is worth much more than what we are paying them. And even regardless of that, I would argue that thankfulness and acknowledgment are values we hold dearly.

So our proposal would be to buy chocolates for each of them, say 25 euro per box, and give them as a gift with a small card with best wishes in name of all of us.

If anybody has an objection to this expense (+/- 125 euro), please voice your concerns below. In the absence of any objections by 04/02 we will move ahead and deliver the chocolates the next time there will be a confesseurs meeting in Brutopia.


As Lie says. I wholeheartedly agree with this.