🗨 Status Report II: What's Up With You?

There appears to be no place one can escape to where one can pretend that this is not happening everywhere. A lot of climate models had the pacific northwest of the US and Canada as being among the least likely to be damaged by the climate. And then they have an unprecedented heatwave dispelling that notion.


Update. This image shows fire spots on both sides of the highway. Our property is at the left end of the small road that crosses the bridge at White Hall. There are firefighters on the scene and hoses set up. Looks like it’s our only chance. This fire is such a monster you have to see the images to believe it. Google ‘caldor fire’. And it isn’t even the biggest fire in the state right now. That’s the dixie fire. There are three more fires in the north of the state that are equally massive.

Here on the coast, only the fog brings some moisture. Otherwise we’d burn up here just like the other places. And it still could happen. The fog on the pacific coast is caused by the difference between the hot land and the cold ocean from the north-to-south current that comes down from Alaska. Similar in impact to the Gulf Stream’s condition, if that stops or is interrupted - no more fog.

The California I grew up in doesn’t much exist anymore. Hard to imagine it in five years.



Still standing. Crews showed up, put a pump into the river and dug a path along the hillside.


That was too close!

Yeah - this is how close the fire came to our propane tank. It doesn’t look like much just that little tail end of black there…except it is attached to a monster of a fire. Without the wind shift and the firefighters, helped I believe by all the brush clearing we did, there is no way it would have survived.

Caldor Fire Near Propane Tank



…this is mad.

You must be so relieved to see that you can do something to prevent… like the brush clearing. Fighting against nature is probably crazy hard. Hope you’re out of the risk zone now… and don’t have to spend every waking minute wondering if it’s gonna be ok.

I’ll be able to go up and have a look in a few days. We got lucky this time.

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Hey guys, on another topic - I found this around and think it pretty well summarises some of our discussions.

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Useful…and in many languages

Link doesn’t work! Coincidence?! :thinking:

No but seriously, either they don’t like Firefox or the Decentraleyes extension…

So now the requests for the languages of the new Distrikt mentioned include:

Any more requests? :smiley:

I am afraid I’ll have to disappoint some of the askers, or at least they’ll have to wait for a while.

In the meanwhile, are there any fluent speakers (& writers!) of the first nine languages on the list who might have some interest and free time to check a translation? :relaxed:

Of course! :slight_smile:

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I’m on number 10 :frowning:

The other night a mama bear and cubs and then later a mountain lion passed through my yard the other night. Captured by an infared trail cam:



Lol, 5, 6, 7 & 8 are all the same language with regional specificities (and two active alphabets - latin & cyrilic plus one not in use anymore - glagolitic) and a ton of political context

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A solution is already in the works, stay tuned! :wink: (only a linguistic solution, with the aim to be readable for most. political issues aside.)

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No joy, I am on number 10 and, in a pinch, 11.



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Glad to say, number 10 (Italian) is on the way, but in a later batch. Same for Swedish :grinning: