🗨 Status Report: What's Up With You?

In which we get to know each other better with casual updates…

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This is my house on the Mendocino coast of northern California a few hours north of San Francisco. Most of it was built in 1929 out of old growth redwood, which does not rot and is bug resistant. The stuff is amazing. But it is sitting on 5 long beams that are not redwood and, guess what, they are failing. Before I could get to them, I had to wreck the old 3x5 meter porch and construct the big tarp tent you see here. I am digging out enough space to get under there and jack up key spots to I can get new wood in there. I have already completed a small section of it that was particularly bad. When I get it shored back up, I will rebuild the porch as an extension of the house, in the size of the tarp.

I figure I ought to have it all done by the end of summer…



A view of the emerging crawlspace.

This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin around…

So I go from sitting at my high end computing gear to putting on coveralls, headlamp and dust mask, and digging mother earth in a most basic way…


Living in the country often means seeing beautiful wildlife in the back yard…



Yes that’s the beauty of remote work, that it can be mixed with plain everything you want. Your case is extreme, though :smiley: I’m sure it needs a lot of patience …


So far I have moved 21 wheelbarrow loads of dirt from under there. There are surely 100 more to go. In my better moments I picture myself along the lines of the legendary Tibetan yogi Milarepa who had to build and rebuild houses as atonement prior to finding enlightenment. At other times I feel more like I am channeling Charles Bronson (the “tunnel rat”) in the old movie, “The Great Escape.”

Today I could just manage one load. The deeper in I go, the harder each load is to bring out. A rocking soundtrack helps…


It’s the first time I have been around animals for so long. Well ones that are not deadly at least. Beats dealing with most humans most of the time imho.


Apparently there was a line in a famous show about “Winter is coming”

Molly walking nearby in field.

Molly walking in field


We’ve been preparing our container square for a Christmas market this afternoon! Will post pictures of the market tonight!


how long is it running for?

Today, and tomorrow a local art school is joining to run their Christmas market, so only a couple of days. It’s a test, not sure how many people will show up.


Looks like fun! What kinds of things will be for sale? Futuristic Blivande style items?

@Emile - where is that scene with Molly?

@johncoate — it’s the east coast Canada; we’ve had a bit of snow already, enough to do a quick ski already…

I’ve been trying to figure out what kind off deer that is on your photo above…



It’s was! See if you can spot @MariaEuler decorating the upside down Christmas tree.

image image image image image image image

One person was selling upcycled clothing - redesigned and reworked garments made from second hand clothes. One guy had brought a whole crate of cured and smoked delicacy meats. There was also mulled wine, beer and hotdogs to go around.


Looks like a splendid time. The deer is a Colombian Black tailed Deer. Pacific coast native.


I am still recovering from the cat 5 hurricane about a year and 3 months ago. Change in work location, my city is nearly unrecognizable. I am nearly unrecognizable to others. I have 2 dogs, one is a hunter, and I have built a chicken coop for chickens. A new thing for me. Kinda. My grandfather had chickens, but his were caged. Mine have a pretty roomy coop with a run, and usually are free run in the yard. My German Shoethaired pointer is a ma)or runner and runs on the beach for about 30 minutes, daily, also swimming. She is brilliant to watch and cannot be caught.


Where are you? The Caribbean?

30 south. Panama City Fl

I’ve kept chickens before. Where I live now, on the edge of the big woods, they would need extra protection.

What brings you to Edgeryders?

I was invited for collaborative writing by Anis Maris. I think I got her name wrong, a common event for me. I applied. Didn’t think I was qualified although I have a keen eye for observation and for reporting events accurately. Am a widely traveled person only not in Europe, primarily in US and Asia. And a strong desire to describe the works as I observe it.