Stockholm, May 11th: Internet of Humans matchmaking event



Thanks for the invite via the scuttleverse Hugi! I’m in for this one!
I just signed up on this site, so I guess I’m new to Edgeryders.

Short intro on me:
I’m a (originally Dutch) full-stack system developer living and working in North-Sweden for one of Nordics bigger newspaper companies. In my free time I like building sites, apps and software systems (mostly from and for space/sat related tech). This meetup seems to be right up my alley :wink:

See you folks there!


Great news! You will be a very important addition. Indeed, we need to employ this alliance towards both technical developments and policy activism.

Happy to have you with us @nadan!

This I would love to hear more about @hendrikpeter. Any links you want to share?


Hey! I’d love to attend. I’m building Human Network - a social network for movements - and Fluent, a distributed network of speciality talent that accelerates products/companies with a positive impact. Curious about the alliance!


Great! Very happy to have you Rasmus!


I’ve confirmed my travel arrangements. Looking forward to the event and to seeing Sweden for the first time.


Great! How long will you be here and where are you staying? You are more than welcome to come work from Blivande while you are in Stockholm. We always make room for guests in Edgeryders projects.


Hi, I am really interested in such an event! I think the ambition of the project is great and really glad to have found a forum to discuss this. I’ve recently opened a startup with the goal of building a consumer-centered portal that focuses on data integrity. We are building a safe portal for the web, for stopping the sell of data and the tracking. The alpha version of our work can be seen here: NoNoRank. Hopefully a new Internet is possible. I would really appreciate to participate and discuss! :slight_smile:


Welcome @matteo_ghetti!


Great! How long will you be here and where are you staying?

I arrive Friday and return to Paris on Monday, but I’ll be visit Linkoping on Sunday. I booked an airbnb a walkable distance from the location.

I’ll probably come and check out the space on Friday just so I know how to get there.


Hello @Engstrom_PP, welcome! I read and greatly enjoyed your book – in fact, some of your insights are embedded into the fabric of how Edgeryders is organized. We even briefly met in Stockholm once, though you probably do not remember me.

Thing is, I am working on the mathematics of detecting and interpreting “swarming” in the context of an online conversation. It is several levels of abstraction removed from *Swarmwise", but I think you will resonate. I am giving a presentation of it, just before the main event, and you are more than welcome to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you at Blivande!


Hei @rasmus, I’m intrigued by your Human Network - I’m not sure which of the resources online are accurate, as a google search returns results for groups in both the Netherlands and Sweden… Do you have a link? How is it going… and more importantly, what do you expect to come out of it? Asking because there’s many groups out there talking about more collaboration and better interoperability - we ourselves got into plenty of discussions with other networks over the years, but a path was never clear, and covering the costs for coordination is very expensive, as we see every day in our own network. Thanks!
// Noemi, community manager in around edgeryders. xx


This is shaping up to be quite an auspicious gathering. Every one of you has a fascinating story to tell. I hope you will elaborate more on your projects and ideas in other parts of this forum.


Hello Alberto,

I look forward to meeting you (again) at the event.

Which book are you talking about, is it Swarmwise? If so, I should point out that it is not written by me, but by Rick Falkvinge (who founded the Swedish Pirate Party).

I like his book a lot, however, and I agree with more or less everything it says. I look forward to listening to your presentation of it and discussing it.

See you at Blivande!



Yes, Christian. I confused people: you and I met not in Stockholm but in Brussels, in the very early days of your mandate as MEP. The book is indeed Swarmwise. Apologies, and see you at the event!


Thanks for the invitation, I’ll come. I work with open science/open access to scholarly literature.


Great! Happy to have you join us.


I very highly recommend this post by @zelf to everyone coming to the event:

Let’s try to get the ball rolling on a few other interesting conversations like this before the event, and we’ll really hit the ground running.


I got an invitation from @hugi and I intend to be there. I’m mostly interested in the human side of technology in general, and internet in particular, and there’s more information about me at


Welcome then! I will be there too, so see you there.


Good news for those of you attending who are curious about our Fellowships with Bursaries for Human-Centric Internet builders! To apply for the fellowship you need to complete the following task:

And the good news is that this is one of the things we will be doing at the matchmaking event. This means that you can use your transcribed interview from the event for your application. Two birds, one stone.