Suddenly Teaching and learning remotely - What do you do?

Dear teachers and students,

We ask you to share your experiences, challenges and solutions while schools are closed to “flatten the curve”.

  • How well do you feel prepared for this sudden step forward in digital teaching and learning?
  • Do you have good resources you would recommend?
  • Or are you searching for solutions?

Our community will surely be happy to help out with ideas and suggestions.

  • Did you have some especially good or bad experiences?

  • How does your “new normal” day look like now?

  • What technological or social adjustments do you think would be necessary?

Here are a few old articles discussing digital learning. They are in German as I am more familiar with the german school system and most of the teachers I know are from there. But please everyone share relevant articles here and to share this request for “suddenly learning digitally” with teachers and students you know anywhere in any language.

Uhm some of the things that are a bit surprising is that it seems there is such a big gap in attitudes and cultures around remote learning…

Someone in my feeds mentioned getting an email from their professor reminding students that they are to wear clothes during zoom lessons/meetings :exploding_head:


Going digital in Croatia means national TV - the classes for the primary school are actually being organized on one of the TV channels following the general curriculum and even including arts and physical education! :slight_smile: