Current Conversation Overview; March 2020 (Covid Crisis started)

Hello dear community,

Much happened in the last week and everyone is dealing with the new situation as best they can. Here is a “short” summary of the current discussions ongoing:

Measures of social distancing to hamper the spread of the Covid19 virus are taken by individuals, organisations and states.

Edgeryders and the NGI community want to be an active part of helping us cope and learn from this new situation.

We all experience new perspectives on social and digital relationships as well as coping and engagement mechanisms. Many very interesting conversations are had all across different platforms and in homes all across the world.

However many platforms, such as for example Facebook will just forget most of these conversations and have even started to suppress some of them through their algorithms flagging them as spams. More details on this promise and how we are and will be using the Social Semantic Network analysis in this situation will follow soon. For now I just want to share this short quote @amelia to summarise our goal and promise to you:

Our goal is to get the EU to see and facilitate the Internet as an infrastructure to community resilience , not just paid content delivery. Share your stories, and we will aggregate them into a structured, human-readable output that informs the European Commission’s policies. We will also use the platform to connect with each other – to help facilitate all the kinds of community-based care we can imagine together.

Below you can find an overview of some of the main ongoing conversations:

I think a good place to start is @hugi ‘s personal yet very well researched and factual supported story about how he started to understand the severity of the current crisis.

Since then, we have started many conversations to create space to discuss different aspects of the situation.

Let’s start with positive news:

Here we share positive insights the community members have during this changed situation which might have an impact down the line:

General positive news on the crisis are shared and discussed here:

On the other hand, when anxiety hits you or all of it suddenly feels much nearer when someone near to you is affected or you are overwhelmed with all the statistics and information out there and do not know what to feel or think, join in here:

Work has changed for many people and we are discussing that here:

Teachers and students are among those especially challenged by this crisis and we want to discuss what are the problems and how we can help here:

Many people face a loss of work and income during this crisis. Here we discuss your stories regarding that:

In the following thread we discuss how to get local foundations and NGO’s online and help to do so:

Not only jobs, but also private life is affected by this crisis. Are you away from your family and friends due to the crisis? tell us your story here:

We want to help everyone to have the best possible remote work experience. Therefore we are working on a MOOC as well as direct counselling for distributed work. The project is to be financed via crowdsourcing. Check out where we are now and find out how you can profit or contribute:

And finally:
We are in general working on a new strategy to provide the most positive impact during this challenging time; How to do this is discussed here:

You are welcome to become part of our shared efforts and also to join in our weekly team and Community response calls:

Looking forward to hearing from you in any of these conversations, learn from your stories, help each other and of course also always feel free to open your own thread.

Take care of yourself and each other!


@nadia normally I would have posted this in NGI, but now we want to move the general energy here, isn’t it?

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yes correct :slight_smile: