Summary of Community Call #2

What about Lote that makes us go Yuhu!?

We’ve agreed on:

A maximum one session per half day at Lote: a slower pace in order to gain a shared purpose & actually work on a specific topic, but trying to understand it from various perspectives. This gives us a total of 8 - 10 sessions. We would keep a healthy balance between structured tracks and ad hoc barcamp sessions; allow for enough time in between sessions, create space for everyone to get to know each other.

New track on Collaboration skills. We want to be better at using our online presence to support our projects & the bigger ones from the collectivity. What do we need to be effective in online collaboration & how to bridge online/offline collaboration skills, swarm wise? More on this track proposal soon.

Edgeryders workspace + channel ! Already there has been a makeover of Making Lote3 workspace, with cues on how one can participate, adding proposals, tasks and collaborating on sessions using wikis. Kudos to Auli & Matthias for setting everything up, you rock guys :slight_smile:

There is an always open hangout channel, where anyone can jump in and go “Hey, I’m online working on Lote, anybody else up for sparing an hour? Join me”. It saves email time and it’s a lot more fun!  

As agreed with those of you present, see you next Friday, 11am CET, same hangout.

(As a side note, Nadia & I will be there starting 9am to keep the weekly date and get new people up to speed…)

To Dos

Noemi, Auli, Nadia: set up space for posting and developing tracks - in progress

Muhammad: Write process for p2p development of tracks and invitation text - see tasks 

Nadia & Dorotea: Build new track on Collaboration Skills in tracks page 

Auli & Noemi: Develop Fears track in tracks page 

Elf & Eimhin: develop creative communities track (it’s a wiki so feel free to edit)

Auli: weekly newsletter to lote participants

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