Summary of Community Call #8

In attendance: @Alberto, @havartu, @Dorotea, David, Michael, @Elena_Karlsen, @K11, @Nadia, @Angela_Radford, @Joecorneli, @Noemi


Opportunity: people in Matera are making offers for free accommodations! We need to build on the momentum and come up with a process and algorithm to allocate a limited number of places as fairly as possible.

Threat: the upcoming unMonastery has a limited capacity and there won’t be enough room for hundreds of Lote participants. A guesstimate is around 50 places for sure in the space, but need to check with [andrea.paoletti]. We expect the number of registered participants to double in upcoming months, as well as the number of people actually joining to drop down at about half. ** Tentative extra capacity for Lote venue(s): Comitato Matera has some meeting rooms, also the Incubator across the street from the unMonastery.

Fundraising and partnership building

We need to secure at least some resources to support participants’ travels and conference costs. This service is currently ran by Nadia, she’s been in touch with several organisations but needs help in:

1. identifying relevant organisations able to get involved right now

2. preparing an offer that could be relevant in a format that they recognize

3. build a template with our general offer that appeals to entities who come across Edgeryders by chance.

Insight: Even when organisations have a declared goal of e.g. tackling youth unemployment, they are skeptical to shake hands and buy into a novel methodology. A considerable effort is being put into getting key people into the right room and context where you can pitch Edgeryders. We believe our main selling point is: providing opportunity to more mainstream organisations to interact in safe space with non main stream people.

To Dos

  • @noemi and @ilariadauria work out a process to give full value and fair distribution to the kind offers coming from the local community of Matera -> follow up by a post/proposal for transparency

  • @nadia and @k set up a list with potential partner organisations

  • @angela_radford posts a session proposal for fundraising and building a client base, whose output gives participants a clear idea of the steps they can take to help with practical fundraising.

  • David will do some groundwork on funding open consultancy, which is what Edgeryders LbG is doing.

  • @alberto posts about opportunity from Rockefeller foundation grant for resilience workers (done!)