Summary of Community Call #9

In attendance: Dorotea, Rita Pacheco, Auli, Noemi, Bembo, Alberto.

This is a wiki, so if you were there feel free to edit…!

We talked about:

  1. Logistics team – our core is made of by @ilariadauria, @ritao and @noemi – also work in the logistics dedicated platform group; they presented a proposal on how to manage offers from generous Materani and allocate them to Edgeryders coming to Lote3. We also need to nurture further engagement with Materani - so expect another big push out beginning of September - building on the instruments we have so far: Open Letter, Lote video in Italian and Table with incoming offers where we invite people to add their own following positive examples.

    Check: and see if we can make connections with potential hosts

    To do: finish up the Accommodations page and invite participants to submit their preferences.

  2. Venue team – volunteering here are @dorotea, @bembo_davies, @havartu. Tentatively all of them will be arriving to LOTE3 days before. They are just now collecting simple, easily comprehensible info on the requirements and capacity of the unMonastery info.

    To do: put up a page with aggregated info about the venue; get in touch with Pasta party people and attend their hangout.

  3. Partnerships team - great news! Matera2019 has secured a partnership with the Dutch embassy to Italy to put out a public call and fund 1-2 Dutch people who want to come to the conference! An open call is coming up as soon as we have a green light!

  4. Need to know Edgeryders location and where they will be traveling from to Lote3. We decided to improve the user profiles on Edgeryders with respective fields.

    To do: Alberto sets a task and Noemi and Auli will pick up on that, work to improve profile pages.