Summary of Community Call July 17

Agenda: What we were supposed to cover

1. Identifying main things that need doing within the key task areas (still missing from that list are “local event coordination and outreach” as well as “Travel and accommodations”).

  • Breaking them down into tasks to be done before, during and after the physical event.
  • Building a budget for the event based on the above.  

2. What information do we need to communicate about the LOTE event and what makes it special? To Materani? To stressed out people running meaningful projects that can do with a little help? What are the key points that any and all communication needs to get through? How do we get it spread with no resources?

3. We need to produce a series of blog posts introducing the event, calling for projects, calling for problems, a twitterstorm etc. As well as some communications materials: flyers calling for people to join the count on me lists, the community calls, and the different task teams. The first one is urgent, ideally it should go out tomorrow!

3. How do we engage people to join the count on me list and submit headlines? Any creative ideas?

What we managed to cover: we defined some core roles and responsibilities for the organisation of LOTE4.

Actions going forward:

1. Contribute international examples of Stewardship as case studies:

Who can do this? Anyone.

In order to better understand and develop meaning for the term Stewardship we would like to collate as many examples of existing projects as possible, these will serve as both a reference point and an address book for inviting people into the conference. You can contribute to the wiki here:

2. Identify at least 10 projects and associations in Matera that might be interested in and will benefit from contributing to LOTE4:

Who’s can do this? People who are based in Matera, or know the region.

In addition we should begin to design clear offers of exchange with each other them (i.e “give us access to your network and we will amplify their work internationally”) - we should also pull together all existing maps and listings for projects in the region.

Left to do:

You don’t need any permission to join the LOTE4 team. If you see a task you feel excited about doing just go ahead and start. Just leave a comment below so everyone knows what is covered already!

And if you have any questions post them in the comments too!

1. Do a high level writeup of what LOTE is:

What is LOTE? What do we want to achieve? What are the different components? How can you get involved in making it generative, rewarding and meaningful?

Alberto pointed out that we need a high level writeup with as few moving parts as possible. Help put it together here: /t/how-to-join/43-the-stewardship-tagline

2.Simplify the communication

Registration: Let’s have one way to participate i.e contribute a session in the program. So we don’t link the call for problems or call for projects as visible pages from the main menu.  

Instead we have different funnels: one call for projects which are not charged money, but pay in collaboration…and one for organisations. And use online marketing for targeting different groups and bringing them to the right funnel page.

3.Do local Coordination and outreach:

Two kinds of roles/deliverables

ROLE 1: Interfacing with comitato MT2019 between now till the end of LOTE4:

Who’s doing this? Natalia


  • Physically being in Matera from the last week of August
  • Initially: popping in every week (maybe a phone call)
  • In close runup to the event: working together 2-3 hrs a week..
  • Comitato people are going to be critical to access things we need. E.g. 100 chairs. We will need their contacts and networks to access stuff!


  • Keep Comitato MT2019 in the loop with what is happening next and what they need to deliver in order to be involved in the event as a partner
  • Reach out to them in time so they can amplify all local communications efforts
  • Ensure they deliver what is required from them in the MOU in good time.
  • Finalise a list of things we need & try to find them. "Can I have your projector on the last week of October? Yes? Thanks, I'll call you again two weeks ahead of time"
  • Then, the two weeks before LOTE4, do the round remind people and then ensure everything is on location minum 48 hrs before opening.


  • First batch of curators need to have their travel arrangements made and confirmed ideally before the end of July if possible.
  • Comitato Matera needs to feel they are kept informed
  • All required resources from Matera need to be made accessible to Edgeryders LBG before and during the event.

ROLE 2: Local outreach and engagement builder.

The challenge is “How to tell the story of the LOTE4 in Matera and the Region in a way that appeals to the interests and needs of those groups?”. More specifically, how to get Materani and people in Basilicata to present their initiatives, the story of what they are doing and why, and answer questions and comments online. As well as participate actively in LOTE4.

Who’s doing this? Nico is doing a writeup of a concept and meeting with Alberto and Ben on Sunday to discuss the work further.


Go through list of relevant organisations and actors in Matera.

Schedule one-on-one meetings with each one on the list, tells them about what we are doing, and record a video with them that has a set of key questions:

  • Summary of your project
  • What is stewardship to you? How does your project relate to it
  • Who is crucial to stewardship with respect to your work and in matera in general.,
  • "who is doing the most work to address challenges in Matera?"
  • What questions or problems do you have to ask the other participants from about the ones coming from abroad
  • what are you expecting/contributing to LOTE?
  • Post them online and include links to them in the countonme list headlines


content + relationships + expectation alignment & surfacing points of entry in the unConference agenda + well structured sessions as part of LOTE


  • number of people reached
  • number of people signed up on Edgeryders platform from Matera
  • number of local participants in the LOTE4 program.


3. Third extra task???:

Who can do this? Anyone.

Help collate case studies from Matera?

Hi @NicoBis, @Ben can you guys help build the database of organisations in Matera ?

There’s a wiki up for this here, but I don’t remember everything you mentioned in the call.