#Countonme July headlines

Welcome to Edgeryders #countounme team!

We’re sharing these updates daily on our social media accounts to show love for the work of social innovators, hacktivists, entrepreneurs, researchers on the edge and everywhere on the globe.

Today @themakerfox is hosting an online event to teach us how to barter our skills. 11 am cest: http://goo.gl/RAfnde \#p2p \#lote4 \#moneyless \#economy

Spaghetti Open Data, co-founded by @edgeryders own @alberto_cottica, is featured in @guardian today http://goo.gl/DNn3VE #lote4

Want a ticket to \#lote4? Help curate headlines for a week and it's yours! http://goo.gl/zLEnhC


About #countonme mailing list

Every day, we send an email featuring 3 project headlines. You can read a quick update from each project, click through and share with your friends and networks. In return, you are asked to send your own project updates by replying to the email, and these will become headlines the day after. Maybe you just finished some great work and you want to share it, you want to publicise your project, or you’re stuck on something and need some help.* Perpetual beta means this is a test and we’ll tweak it as we go, but you can opt out any time.

Here’s what’s relevant from Edgeryder stories to be shared today on your personal channels:

With decentralized #apps such as #scuttlebutt, hosting info for others comes at a cost, both for the host and the guest. Join the conversation on how to solve this here: http://bit.ly/32Q1eU1

  • Additional relevant hashtags: #yourdataisyours #InternetOfPeople #P2Pcommunication #freedom

Přečtěte si, co Kuba udělal, když ho několik lékařů diagnostikovalo jinak: http://bit.ly/2Y2taFD #zdravotnictví #České

  • Additional: no related hashtags :(.

"If we want to work on world-shaping and revolutionary ideas, these oldschool formats of leading the discussion, and their exclusive content, have to be replaced by something that is driven by minorities and women, and communities," says @notwistgirl http://bit.ly/2SC1hyd #womenempowerment

  • Additional - #womeninbusiness, #girlpower #feminism #bosslady #bossbabe

Two-word hashtags work better as single word hashtags in general are used a lot by spambots and spammy portals that push everything out, but feel free to use whichever you wish and combine :slight_smile:

@noemi @johncoate @MariaEuler @natalia_skoczylas @hugi @alberto @ilaria @inge @maria

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Maybe add some good hashtags to the updates?

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Mm i would keep hashtags to one word nouns. E.g #women #empowerment rather than #womenempowerment. Also, latch onto relevant trending hashtags?

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#womenempowerment was added precisely because of that reason, as it’s more trendy than just general #woman. We do also have limits in characters as these are twitter updates. Let me add other relevant hashtags so people can pick and choose

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Ok good. Thanks

Thanks for this, @anon82932460!

I think it would be great if you do weekly post in campfire like the one @noemi did above in 2014, and then post all the daily updates under it as a comment. In that way we have it a bit more structured, and more easy to find. Thoughts?


Yes this what is supposed to happen @anon82932460 . A new separate topic for thedaily headlinespost on the campfire every day.

Also please make sure the title of each days post includes the date.

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