Summary of unMonastery Community Call #5

Today’s call was focused on the LOTE3: unMonastery track, the Twitter Press Conference and outcomes for LOTE3 in the form of a cookbook.

Present were (at various times): Dorotea Mar, Josh Grigg, Alberto Cottica, michael dobbie, rita pacheco, Paolo D’Ercole, Nadia E, Fabio Malagnino, rita orlando, Bembo Davies, David Ridge, Michael Phelps and myself.

Going forward unMonastery community calls will be 11AM CET Mondays every week - LOTE3 community calls will be on Fridays.

Points covered in the call were as follows.

The unMonastery Track, Session Proposals - LOTE:

  • The unMonastery track is really coming together, we have a number of significant contributions and I'm confident that by the end of next week we'll have a structured and cohesive program. In order to ensure this, I am plugging the gaps where I see things that need to be built.

    This is being done by writing skeletal session proposals and then making a call for facilitators in the community to run the sessions. The post detailing this approach and the individual sessions will be going up on the platform within the next 48 hours.

  • The hosting committee, myself, Bembo and Dorotea had a short call yesterday to discuss how the tracks and hosts might be fused together, and what might be needed at either end to make this flow.

    ACTIONABLE: Bembo and Dorotea to write an initial post outlining their approach and needs.

    ACTIONABLE: The host committee to run a community call at the end of the month focused on this.

  • The subject of mini-workshops came up, it's my understanding that Bembo is taking the lead on this, so..

    ACTIONABLE: Bembo to write a blogpost and figure out a format so people can start thinking about their own mini-workshops.

  • Summarising a call for participation for the overall unconference, we identified certain needs during this call for LOTE3 in general – an approach that worked for unMonastery was to write a post that outlined possible job roles, including responsibilities. Some initial roles we've identified include 3-4 facilitators to run aforementioned sessions and another would be documenters to capture and compile the whole event.

    ACTIONABLE: Nadia, Noemi, Alberto and Ben to compile a series of roles and write a post together – Dorotea to take the lead on promoting this on social media.

    ACTIONABLE: Someone, to draw an organisation chart on for LOTE3 – like the unMonastery.

LOTE3 Outcomes:

We diverged a little from the core topic of unMonastery to reflect on the overall outcomes of the conference, we very quickly reached an agreement about what that outcome might look like.

  • The EdgeRyders' Cookbook to Healthy Living.

    QUESTION: What is the core concept for the book?

    QUESTION: What will it include?

    QUESTION: How we content be collected in a streamlined way?

    We sketched out an initial approach to this, something to identify about EdgeRyders as a platform, is its fixed concern with the present tense (tasks, project outlines etc) or the future (calls to action). However EdgeRyders is composed of many different individuals with divergent perspectives, skills and histories – that could be compiled into a book, filtered through the unconference and in part the unMonastery framework.

    Following Vinay’s approach to ‘The Future We Deserve’, we should begin building the cookbook now, his approach used a wiki, individuals were invited to write 500 words and it was collaboratively edited, resulting in a book with 100 contributions.

    We should take a similar approach as a starting point, with a view to curating, improving and structuring the final book within the logic of the unConference itself.

    ACTIONABLE: Write blogpost – Nadia

    ACTIONABLE: Form team to work on this – Dorotea taking the lead on this

    ACTIONABLE: Schedule session as part of the conference to focus on this – maybe this could even be a track (it would be a remarkable thing to walk away from Matera with a book)


  • Italian version of the press release is done and ready to go:

    ACTIONABLE: Fabio and Ilaria to take the lead on putting this out.

  • English version half translated – then myself and Nadia decided to take a slightly different tact with the English version, to sculpt it for a international audience, that deals with underlying motivations of the project over event details – in order to court a different area of the press. Nadia made a first draft

    Available here:

    ACTIONABLE: Ben to do final edit.

    ACTIONABLE: Ben to get advice and review from press friend

    ACTIONABLE: Make list of press contacts to approach.

  • Twitter Press Conference: is now in full swing, scheduled for next Monday; Alberto wrote a post about it here:

    The basic approach is this: The press releases that are already written will be broken up into 140 character bits and syndicated over the course of an hour at 11:00 CET on Monday the 26th September – on the unMonastery account using the hashtag #unMon.

    In addition unMonasterians and individuals involved in the project will retweet from unMonastery, direct tweets at individuals and primarily journalists who may be interested in the project. Extra content, like images, video etc will also be shared by individuals in this way.

    MAIN GOALS = Press Coverage and more applications for the second round of the call.

    The press conference will happen simultaneously in two languages. Both of these will be embedded on a single page on the website. The event will later be compiled using storify.

    Ways you can get involved?

    Step 1: Help breakdown the press releases into 140 character tweets.


    Use the tabs to navigate between the two.

    Step 2: On the same sheet there’s a tab for press contacts, compile a list of twitter handles for people we might contact on the day.

    Step 3: Help create extra content – short videos, images and more!

    Step 4: Be creative and take the lead in thinking up a role or approach for your personal twitter account – this is a new thing, so we can take new approaches. If it works effectively then we can reuse this method for other projects!!

    ACTIONABLE: Fabio to write short abstract about the twitter conference to be circulated in advance of the event to press contacts.

    ACTIONABLE: Ben to embed the press release on a single page like this:

International Call:

First 7 applicants have been shortlisted and will begin posting outlines of their project online here: /t/unmonastery/315-project-applications-peer-review/

ACTIONABLE: Use social media to get input from EdgeRyders community on specific applications.

EdgeRyders Platform:

  • ACTIONABLE: Set up group for the call the human team.