Summit events: Process (for participants)


Inputs Platform Outputs Outcome
Good People Conversation Articles Clusters of local actors that together try out new ideas to secure resilient livelihoods for their communities and themselves. Each cluster is composed of individuals, groups and organisations with deep ties to a place.
Interesting stories Sensemaking New Projects **How is a cluster different from a network?** In a network, participants look for how to make the most of what others are doing. In a cluster, participants are willing to re-orient their work, so as to better work with the other participants.
Experience-based knowledge New perspectives & ideas Unlikely Alliances If you are a construction company, you must not be lazy, and be open to using new technologies. If you are a social cooperative, you must look away from providing standardized services to customizing what you do in order to better valorize the capabilities of the people they are assisting. And so on.


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What your do: 2hrs

The process with require 2 hrs of your time in total , spread out over a 3 week period:

  • Fill in registration form ( 5 mins)
  • Participate in the video chat ( 1.10 hr)
  • Leave comments on the forum sharing your thoughts ( 35 min)

Optional (+ 1. 5 hr): If you want to be involved in new opportunities for working and fundraising together with others - you can come to the follow up call to explore ideas for collaboration born out of the process + do some follow up work

What the Edgeryders team does

  • Recruits a professional fundraiser
  • Moderates the online event (video chat)
  • Follow up discussions ( ER team publishes documentation + listening session participants leave comments)
  • Analysis of conversations ( ER team use open source technology to produce visualisations)
  • Production of articles containing summary of insights from conversations ( ER team produces draft for participants to comment/edit before publishing)
  • Prepares & share First Draft of Concept Notes for possible joint initiatives wih participants in workspace accessible only to participants who participated in previous steps to ensure alignment)
  • Fundraiser identifies possible sources of financing
  • Follow up session: Developing ideas for joint initiatives + fundraising with fundraiser.

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