Switching to another platform

We haven’t used the Edgeryders forum in a while, awaiting discussions with the team in Ghent and in Oakland as to which tools we can use to collaborate more effectively. The Edgeryders platform has proven not to be the one.

Team members previously mentioned low user friendliness and complexity for not being so active on the previous version of the forum. Getting spammed by emails was another thing. And often getting lost trying to navigate the platform. Personally I only have limited problems with it, but I’m very comfortable with online platforms and use Edgeryders quite often. But I can see how it doesn’t fill our needs.

We’ve switched to a mailing list, because it’s compatible with the one from Oakland if we want to, and much simpler to use. Low digital tool time/energy overhead seems like the way to go.

We had plenty of interesting discussions here, I hope they will remain online to be read!

Thanks to everyone for participating, coding our conversations and visualizing it :slight_smile:

Sure the discussions will all stay online here. Sad to see you folks leave the platform now that we tidied it all up, but, whatever works for people :slight_smile: Note that the Discourse platform can be used as a mailing list, though (reply-by-email is possible already, and there is a setting “Preferences → Emails → Enable mailing list mode” in the user account settings).

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