Taking a break

Hi all, Aline and I going on a break from 23/12 till 02/01/24. :wave:


Hi everyone, I will also be on a break from 27 December to 2 January & from 8 to 15 January.
Happy holidays :christmas_tree:


I am from today until 29/12 included. I can be reached on Signal, but I may take a couple of days before I reply.


Hi @reeflings,

I am currently going through a rough patch, professionally speaking : starting a new job, job not meeting my expectations, commuting 3h/day, 5 days/week while I did not sign for that, applying for new jobs every evening when at home + preparing courses that I’m giving…

This is why I haven’t been capable mentally to give enough time to The Reef, and I am very sorry for that but I feel on the verge at this moment.

I definitely want to stay in the process so, If that’s okay for you, I would like to keep following plenary meetings (and other activities)?! It will help me to stay involved.
Depending on the next weeks, I’ll do my best to be more and more involved in a team.

Based on that, I guess that I’m not requesting a “Taking a break” neither a “Time-out” but more a “Special arrangement”, right? :innocent:

In the meantime, I’m still following the thread and I’m in Caro’s shadow, we discuss what’s going on together.

Thanks in advance for your comprehension :hugs:


Hi all, I will not be reachable until the 1st of April (included). For urgent matters regarding the public presentation, it’s better to contact somebody else from @reef-recruitment . Thanks and see you soon!


Hi all,

I realise that my weekends have been a bit full and I haven’t have much time for the Reef, I should have forseen that and let you know.
Next weekend again I won’t be available, and don’t have much time during the week. So effectively I’m now on a break for this week. Should calm down after that…
I’m reachable on signal (although not super reactive either, so don’t hesitate to call me if I don’t answer)


Hi, it’s me again…

I’ve come to realise that I’ve experienced quite the overload in the past months, and I’ve been going through it joyfully, but I’m reaching a point where it is affecting my health and wellbeing.
So I need to take a few weeks to recover and come back fresh.

I will do my best to finish my tasks wherever I can, or pass them over, but that might happen over a few days as my mind has already started shutting down. So if you see something that needs an action urgently, please reach out to me on signal.

I’ll keep updated through Chris and may join sometimes when it’s possible.


I will be offline (probably not even reading Signal) until Sunday evening included.